AM & FM Internet Radio

AM & FM Internet Radio

Starting your own AM FM radio station with Streaming Pulse, is made easy for instance you can broadcast on the Internet.

Why broadcast your AM FM radio station on the Internet?
In addition there are many advantages with broadcasting your AM FM radio station on the Internet.

More than ever before, there has been an increase in the amount of technology consumers are using, whether it be on their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
With the exponential growth rates of the use of technology that have been observed over the last decades, the technological advances for the future are promising.
Broadcasting your FM radio station on the Internet allows your stream to be accessed by listeners all around the world, creating a large potential audience.

How do I broadcast on the Internet?
In order to broadcast on the Internet, you will need to use a software or an encoder.



If choosing to broadcast with a software, such as BUTT:
BUTT is a free software that allows you to encode your sound and transmit it via the Internet.
If using this software, you will simply need to connect your mixer to a computer on which the software BUTT is installed.
Dowload Link: Butt

Butt Encoder:

(broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use, multi OS streaming tool.
It supports SHOUTcast and Icecast and runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
The main purpose of butt is to stream live audio data from your computers Mic or Line input
to an Shoutcast or Icecast server.



If choosing to broadcast with an encoder, such as BARIX
You can connect a physical encoder to your mixer. This will send your data to our servers.
Where to buy

There are two types of existing encoders, Exstreamers and Instreamers.
In order to send the sound from your radio station to our servers, you’ll need an Exstreamer. This requires you to connect your encoder to your Internet connection using an Ethernet cable, before connecting your mixer.You will then need to turn on your device and remember the IP address that will be addressed to you.


The Instreamer encodes analog audio sources in real time in a configurable format (MP3, PCM, G.711,G.722) and streams via TCP, UDP, Shoutcast, Multicast RTP format to configurable destinations. Used in high quality broadcast applications, surveillance and VoIP markets alike, the Instreamer has proven its simplicity where Audio over IP encoding is required.

  • Live IP Audio Encoder for Streaming Applications
  • Source Encoder for IP Audio Distribution Applications
  • Background Music and Music-on-Hold encoder for VoIP Applications
  • Shoutcast/Icecast Source Encoder
  • Low latency IP Audio Encoder for multichannel applications
  • Confidence Monitoring and Vox Switch for Broadcast Applications

  • G.711, G.722, PCM linear Encoding
  • MP3 Encoding (low Latency)
  • Shoutcast/Icecast Source capability
  • Audio Level Supervision with SNMP Trap generation
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Line Level Input (Stereo)
  • RS-232 Serial Port
  • Power Supply (micro USB)


    The Exstreamer 100 products decode IP Audio streams and play out the received Audio signal to amplifiers. Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application specific firmware, the products can be used for Broadcast, Internet Radio, as well as VoIP applications. Control and local storage interfaces are device specific to match different use cases.

  • Multiroom IP Audio System Receiver
  • Internet Radio Receiver
  • Instore Audio Player
  • SIP and IP Paging Zone Device
  • Digital Annunciator, Message Player, Message Repeater
  • Generic VoIP decoder for IP Paging and Announcement applications
  • Commercial Audio Streaming Applications

  • AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, PCM linear Decoding
  • IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
  • Line Level Output (Stereo)
  • Relay Output (Ex110 & Ex120 only)
  • RS-232 Serial Port
  • Power Supply (9-30 VDC, 12-24 VAC, plug included)
  • IR receiver and Display built-in (Ex110 & Ex120 only)
  • MicroSD or USB Flash Interface
    Designed in Switzerland and installed in tens of thousands of locations worldwide, the Barix Exstreamer series is the established standard for Instore Radio, Internet Radio, Entertainment and Broadcast applications alike.

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