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Our Facebook Stream Target solution prioritizes an optimal viewing experience for our clients' audience. Leveraging adaptive bitrate streaming, we ensure the delivery of top-quality video to viewers across various devices, irrespective of their network conditions. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that empower our clients to monitor and evaluate the performance of their live video content on Facebook.

Configure Facebook stream target 

Note: Facebook prohibits you from simultaneously streaming to Facebook Live and other online services. You can, however, broadcast to your Facebook page and your own website.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Navigate to the MojoCP dashboard and go to Services > Application name > Stream Target Tab.
  • Activate Stream Targets.
  • Create a New Stream Target.
  • In the dialog box, input a unique Stream Target name. Avoid characters like <, >, :, ', ", /, , |, ?, *, .., and ~. Use a distinctive name indicating the destination, protocol, and rendition, for instance, "My Facebook Live."
  • Source Stream Name:
    The Application name of the incoming source stream found under the Overview Tab's "Application Name."
  • Title: The title of the live video post.
  • Description:
    The description of the live video post.
  • 360 Video Projection:
    If your stream is 360 video, select the projection type, preferably Equirectangular. If not, select None.
  • Login to Facebook:
    Click "Login to FB" and follow the steps to complete configurations.
  • Account Name:
    The name of the Facebook account linked to the stream target.
  • Current Video Destination:
    The current configured Facebook destination.
  • Video Destination:
    Choose the type of Facebook location to post the video, such as:
    My Timeline: Post directly to your Timeline.
  • Page:
    Post to a managed Page. Select the desired Page from My Pages.
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The Facebook Stream Target
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Facebook Stream Target Settings
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FB Stream Target
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Facebook Live

The Facebook Stream Target stands as an indispensable asset for our clients aiming to amplify audience engagement and expand their reach. By facilitating the streaming of top-notch video content to the largest social media platform worldwide, it empowers our clients to connect more deeply with their audience.

Rapid Video Tutorial

Explore our comprehensive video tutorials designed to help you leverage stream targets effectively for simultaneous broadcasting across multiple media platforms. Learn how to amplify your content reach and engage a broader audience by seamlessly streaming to various platforms using this powerful feature.

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