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A VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) tag in MojoCP is a powerful tool used to seamlessly integrate video advertising into your streaming content. With VAST tags, you can monetize your streams by serving video ads to your audience at strategic intervals. These tags support various ad formats and allow for targeted ad delivery, ensuring that your viewers receive relevant advertisements.

Video VastTag Integration
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Video VastTag Time Line
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Configuration Steps: Vast Tags

There are two options available for using VAST. You can integrate the VAST tag directly into your web player or utilize our timeline scheduler. Below, you can find the steps on how to set up your VAST tag.

Supports the VAST standard  Option A: 
Multiple VAST Tags:
Effortlessly incorporate pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads into your content.
Linear (Video) Ads:
Seamlessly integrate video ads for a dynamic viewing experience.
Non-linear VAST Tags:
Display banner images (gif/jpg/png) alongside your content for added visual appeal.
VAST Wrappers:
Streamline ad delivery with support for VAST wrappers, ensuring efficient ad serving.
Experience versatility with support for both linear and non-linear VPAID ads, with smooth transitions between the two formats.
Timeline Preview:
Visualize playback progress with an intuitive timeline preview.
Lightweight & Responsive Enjoy a fast and adaptable player design that seamlessly fits any screen size.
Browser Compatibility:
Ensure smooth performance across all modern web browsers.
Multiple Players Per Page:
Embed multiple players on a single page for versatile content presentation.
Keyboard Shortcuts Navigate conveniently with customizable keyboard shortcuts.
Multi-Source Video:
Provide users with options to switch between different video qualities by adding multiple video sources.
Autoplay Control:
Manage autoplay settings to tailor the viewing experience.
Custom Logo Integration:
Personalize the player by adding your own logo.
Enhance accessibility and comprehension with support for subtitles.

From MojoCP, navigate to the Web Player tab and select the player available for the VAST tag.

Step 1:
Choose the "Advertising Options" section.
Step 2:
Under the "Control Options," insert the VAST tag URL.
- Pre-roll
- Mid-roll (Note: For mid-roll, set the time in seconds or minutes. For example, to play after 1 minute, set the mid-roll time to 60.)
- Post-roll

Step 3:
Additionally, under the "CTA Ad Text" option, you can send a notification message to appear on the player. You can customize the position of the additional text to appear at the Top, Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, or Top Right.

You also have the option to create your own video tag ads using an XML file. This script can be downloaded from your Client Zone by accessing the download page, where instructions will be provided. A thorough description of the overall idea behind VAST, as well as the full VAST specification, can be found here: VAST 4.0.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Vast Tag Demo

Explore how VAST tags seamlessly integrate video ads into your content, offering a dynamic advertising solution for your audience. Dive into our demo to witness the versatility and effectiveness of VAST tags in action.

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Advertising Options

Our advertising options, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll placements, along with customizable call-to-action text messages (CTA)

  • Pre-roll - Mid-roll - Post-roll
  • CTA ad text msg

Quick Tutorial

Check out our comprehensive tutorial for more detailed insights and step-by-step guidance on mastering VAST tag implementation.

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