Re-stream video from an IP camera

Empower Your Surveillance:

What is an IP camera? It's a digital security camera that operates over an IP network, transmitting and receiving video footage. Renowned for surveillance, these cameras utilize network Ethernet links to transfer data. IP cameras serve various purposes, from monitoring property, family, to pets. Widely used in security and surveillance, these cameras ensure constant vigilance over homes, businesses, and diverse properties.
Moreover, IP camera streaming isn't limited to security alone. It's an ideal solution for broadcasting natural phenomena, presenting the wonders of nature effortlessly. With its user-friendly nature and resilience to harsh environmental conditions, IP camera streaming captures and shares the breathtaking events of the natural world with ease.

Configure IPCamera Restream

To Initiate and Set Up a Live Stream from an IP Camera, Compatible with a Diverse Range of Playback Platforms.

Generating a Stream File:
Navigate to the MojoCP dashboard and go to Services > Application name > Stream Repeat.
Initiate a new stream file creation by selecting “+ Create New Stream File.”
A pop-up window will appear.

  • Step 1:
    Enter the name of your IP Camera stream.
  • Step 2:
    Input the RTSP stream URI of your IP Camera. Example: rtsp:/
  • Step 3:
    Click 'Add' to implement the IP Camera settings.

For updates or revisions:

  • Step 4:
    To replace an existing stream file, delete the previous file using the delete button.
  • Step 5:
    For modifications, click 'Edit' to apply the updated stream file settings.

Stream File Connection:
MojoCP seamlessly configures and connects your stream file to the default application instance.
To apply these configurations, click the 'Connect' button to complete the action.

Add to Startup Streams:
Upon server startup, the MediaCaster system can automatically pull streams from specified sources, making them available for streaming across all supported player technologies.
To include these streams in the Startup Streams list, click 'Connect' to finalize this process.

*Please consult the accompanying screenshot for reference.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.
Wowza IPcamera add stream file
Click for an enlarged view.
Wowza IPcamera connect a stream file
Click for an enlarged view.
Wowza IP camera add to Startup streams
Click for an enlarged view.

Create Stream File

The stream file should mirror the examples provided below:

  • (1) Stream Name:
  • (e.g., My IPCamera)
  • (2) RTSP URL:
  • rtsp:/

Fast-Track Tutorial Video

Discover a Comprehensive Tutorial for the  IPCamera Configuration in MojoCP with Expert Guidance, Step-by-Step Instructions, and Valuable Tips.

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