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Streaming Live Content Seamlessly via SamCast Software

Explore SamCast, an innovative radio automation software by Spacial Audio, designed for seamless broadcasting experiences. This software empowers broadcasters with intuitive tools to effortlessly stream, schedule, and manage audio content, enabling captivating and professional broadcasts. Discover how SamCast provides a streamlined solution for your broadcasting needs.

Discover how SamCast provides a streamlined solution for your broadcasting needs.
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SAM Cast

Introducing SAM Cast, an advanced live streaming solution curated by Spacial. Tailored for talk and music broadcasts, this software, compatible with Windows 8/10, elevates your streaming experience. Engineered with user-friendly features, SAM Cast seamlessly integrates with your preferred media player, such as Winamp and iTunes, allowing integration with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) plugins for enhanced audio output. The trial version offers live microphone audio, while the full version unleashes the capability to stream pre-recorded content and music from your media library. For a comprehensive streaming experience, explore the full features of SamCast.

To set up your MP3 encoder in SAM Cast, follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Encoders” button at the bottom left corner.
2. In the “Encoders” window, click the plus sign (“+”) to add a new encoder.
3. Select “MP3 (LAME_ENC).”
4. Click “OK.”

The MP3 (LAME) encoder window will appear. In the “Converter” tab:

- Set your “Bitrate” under “Setting.” The bitrate determines the bandwidth used by a single stream.

**For Shoutcast:**

- Bitrate: Typically 128kbps
- Sample Rate: 44100
- Encoder Type: AAC+ MP3
- Server Type: Shoutcast
- Host:
- Port: 8000
- Station Details: e.g., radio station’s name
- Genre: Select a genre from the drop-down menu
- URL: Your Website URL
- For Shoutcast V2 SID 1
- Encoder Username: (Leave blank)
- Encoder Password: 86tu8x9fghtyj
- Mountpoint: (Leave blank)
- Auto-reconnect Seconds: Default is 5

**For Icecast V2:**

- Bitrate: Typically 128kbps
- Sample Rate: 44100
- Encoder Type: AAC+ MP3
- Server Type: Icecast
- Host:
- Port: 8000
- Encoder Username: source
- Encoder Password: 86tu8x9fghtyj
- Mountpoint: /live
- Auto-reconnect Seconds: Default is 5

Once you’ve configured all your settings, click “OK” to close the encoder window. Now click on “Start” to initiate the encoder. If everything is configured correctly, the report will indicate that SAM Cast is actively encoding and streaming.

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SAMCAST  software is fully compatible with most Windows’ versions.
Is NOT compatible with MAC (Apple) operating system.

- SAM Cast Spacialaudio

SAMCast for Live Streaming.

Easily manage multiple encoders simultaneously within a single interface, enabling streaming across various formats and bitrates concurrently.Encoders include aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg.

SAM cast
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Set Up Your Encoder With SHOUTcast or Icacast

Prior to commencing, access your server details through your StreamingPulse account. Locate this information within the Live Source Connections under the Centova Cast Quick Link.

  • Encoding Quality: Typically 128kbps (CBR)
  • Server URL: Your hosting URL (e.g.,
  • Server Port: The four-digit port number (e.g., 8000)
  • Password: Example: u7x8x905x4x

SAM CAST Installer

Discover SAMCAST, an immersive and innovative broadcasting software designed to elevate your streaming experience. Delve into the comprehensive user manual provided below, unveiling a seamless setup process that ensures optimal utilization of SAMCAST's powerful features for your broadcasting needs.

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