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NextKast Transforming Your Online Radio Broadcasting!

NextKast presents an advanced music and audio mixing media player tailored for PC users, seamlessly integrating with StreamingPulse to facilitate live music streaming. Providing a cost-effective solution, NextKast boasts an array of features including built-in audio processors, seamless crossfading, and an intuitive music rotation setup enabling automatic playlist generation. Experience enhanced streaming capabilities with NextKast's innovative functionalities.

Broadcast settings
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Experience enhanced radio automation with NextKast, a cutting-edge platform tailored to elevate your internet and online radio broadcasts. Seamlessly manage playlists, schedule content, and integrate advertisements through an intuitive interface, ensuring a flawless broadcasting experience. Engage your audience with dynamic jingles, smooth transitions, and high-quality digital audio for a captivating 24/7 broadcast. Whether you're a seasoned broadcaster or just starting, NextKast's user-friendly features and robust tools empower your programming. Join thousands of successful broadcasters relying on NextKast for top-notch automation, unmatched reliability, and superior listener experiences. Embrace the future of online radio broadcasting with NextKast – where innovation meets your passion for exceptional programming.

Setting up NextKast encoder broadcaster:

1. From your desktop, launch NextKast.
2. In the top right of your screen, click on Broadcasting Settings.
3. In the popup screen, enable the encoder.
4. Select the Protocol type: Shoutcast V1/V2 or Icecast V2.

For Shoutcast:
- Server Path Example:
- Port Number
- SID: 1
- Admin: admin
- Admin Password
- Source Password

For Icecast:
- Server Path Example:
- Mount Point: /live
- Port Number
- IC User: (source)
- IC Password
- Source Password

Make Public:
- Name your station.
- Enter the station URL (e.g.,
- Genre: Station Genre.
- Description: Station Description.
- Checkmark Auto-Reconnect.
- Choose Audio format (MP3, AAC).
- In Kbps, select the bitrate from the drop-down menu for your streaming.
- Click Save to apply the changes.
- To start your encoder, click ON AIR in the top right of your screen.

NextKast Download Free Demo Versions:
[Broadcast Version]
[NextKast PRO]
[Commercial FM/AM/Radio Broadcaster]
[User Manual]

- NextKast Radio Automation


NextKast specializes in facilitating broadcasting exclusively on the Windows operating system. Unlock the full potential of this software by opting for either the Pro or Standard version available for request [here.]

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Broadcast settings

Adjust your NextKast encoder settings similar to those provided below:

  • Encoding Quality: Typically 128kbps
  • Server URL: Your hosting URL (e.g.,
  • Server Port: The four-digit port number (e.g., 7000)
  • Password: Example: 86tu8x9fghtyj

Quick Start Overview

Discover the power of NextKast, an innovative broadcasting software offering a seamless setup process. Dive into our comprehensive user manual to explore its features and functionalities in detail.

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