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Revolutionize Your Reseller Experience with MojoCP Settings

Unlock the potential of your reselling journey through the comprehensive tools and features nestled within the Reseller Settings tab of MojoCP.

Reseller General Settings
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Reseller General Settings:

The Reseller Settings tab in MojoCP provides you with access to a range of tools and features that allow you to manage your reseller account.

General Settings: Dive into the heart of your reseller account management in the General Settings tab. Here, not only can you seamlessly handle your login credentials, but you can also effortlessly integrate with WHMCS for streamlined billing and customer management. Elevate your brand presence by customizing the control panel with your company logo, ensuring a consistent and professional experience for your valued customers.

Email Options:
Your communication prowess is at its peak with Email options in the General Settings tab. Utilize these settings to send notification messages and emails directly to your clients, ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

Visual options:
Tailor the control panel to your exact preferences, providing both efficiency in account management and a harmonious experience for your customers.

Overall Empowerment:
The General Settings tab isn't just a dashboard; it's a command center equipped with powerful tools. Customize and manage your MojoCP account effortlessly to meet your unique needs and preferences. With these tools at your disposal, delivering the best possible service to your customers becomes second nature in the ever-evolving landscape of reselling.

Email Options:

  • Your company email address.
  • The SMTP password.
  • SMTP server or host IP:Port

    Visual Options:

    Choose a style to customize your MojoCP interface.
  • Company logo, your own brand, logo for your MojoCP. (JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP and SVG) accepted.
    Image will be cropped to fit logo area.

WHMCS Integration:
WHMCS to manage your billing and customer management.

  • WHMCS admin area URL.
  • WHMCS administrator Username.
  • WHMCS administrator Password.
- Streaming Pulse Inc.
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Elevate your reselling

Tweak your email strategy, style your interface, and seamlessly integrate with WHMCS for streamlined operations. Unleash the power of personalized control in just a few clicks.

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