DJ Manager

Centova Cast DJ Manager

The DJ Manager enables the creation and configuration of DJ accounts, granting limited access to your control panel’s features for station DJs. Once a DJ account is established, DJs can log in using their account's username and password, just like accessing Centova Cast.

CentovaCast DJ Account
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Centova Cast Mount Points Autodj
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DJ Manager:

For SHOUTcast DNAS v2 servers, DJ accounts facilitate live broadcasts, where the DJ account's credentials serve as the source username and password for connecting to sc_trans v2.

Access the DJ Management page via the 'DJs' link under the Configuration menu heading. Here's an overview of key functionalities:

  • Creating a DJ
    Account:Click 'Create DJ Account' in the upper right to launch the DJ account editor.
  • Editing a DJ Account:
    Use the 'Edit DJ Account' icon adjacent to the account for modifications.
  • Deleting a DJ Account:
    To remove a DJ account, click 'Delete DJ Account' (this action is irreversible).
  • Enabling or Disabling a DJ Account:
    Toggle account status between enabled/disabled to control login access.
  • DJ Account Editor:
    - Modify DJ account details within the editor, including:
    - Username & Password for login
    - Real name (informational)
    - Account Status (disabled/enabled)
    - Permissions:
    - Start/stop stream
    - Start/stop autoDJ
    - Manage playlist settings
    - Access media library
    - Manage media files
    - Full FTP access
    - Private FTP folder
    - View statistics, listeners, logs
  • Login Restrictions:
    Allowed login days
    Login time window (from/ until)
    These settings provide granular control over DJ access, permissions, and login restrictions, ensuring precise management of your station's DJ accounts.

[Client Reference Manual]

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

AutoDJ Live

When the autoDJ is operational and you wish to live broadcast across all autoDJ-controlled mount points:
(Combine a DJ account's username and password using a colon. Example provided below:)

Centova Cast DJLive Connections
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Live Source Connections

Enter this information when the autoDJ is running and you want to broadcast live:

  • Encoding Quality: Typically 128kbps
  • Your hosting URL: (
  • Server Port: The four-digit port number (7138)
  • username and password Example: (jsmith:secret)

Centova Cast: Your Essential Guide

The Centova Cast Client Usage Guide is your essential tool, equipping users with the expertise to excel in the Centova Cast realm. Take a deeper dive with our extensive video tutorial resources.

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