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Understanding Stream Keys

Stream keys play a vital role in the streaming process. When you create a new stream, a unique stream key is generated. This key serves as a connection code that you import into your broadcasting software, informing it about the destination of the stream. In simpler terms, it's like providing your software with the right address to ensure your live content reaches the intended platform seamlessly.

Understanding Stream Keys
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modify stream key
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Modify or Enhance Stream Key and Application Name:

To update or change your stream key and application name for your streaming using, follow these steps:

Begin by accessing the application you wish to rename in Mojocp and navigate to the overview page.

Click the "Stop" button to halt the application gracefully.

Locate the "Application Name" field and select the pencil icon to initiate the editing process.

In the dialog box, enter the new application name you desire (without spaces).
Note: The new application name should avoid characters such as <, >, ‘, “, , |, ?, and *.

Click "Submit" to save the changes.

Restart the application to implement the new name effectively.

Remember: After altering the application name, update the encoder RTMP:// and regenerate the embed player code. Any external URL links referencing the old application name within Mojocp will cease to function automatically.

Review and update any URL links outside of Mojocp that utilized the previous application name.

Finally, conduct thorough testing to ensure the application functions seamlessly under the new name.
If you encounter any issues during this process, do not hesitate to reach out to your support department for prompt assistance.

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What is the purpose of a stream key?

In essence, a stream key acts as a specialized code facilitating communication between OBS and your chosen streaming platform, enabling the seamless transmission of your video content for live streaming. Since each streaming platform possesses its own distinct stream key, establishing the link between OBS and your preferred platform involves locating this unique key within your account settings.

OBS stream key
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Mastering Stream Key Updates

For detailed instructions on updating your stream key, we've prepared a comprehensive step-by-step video tutorial. This tutorial is designed to walk you through each crucial step, providing clear visuals and insights to help you confidently navigate the process of updating your stream key.

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