Radio Station Player Channels

Introducing the AIO - Radio Station Player Channels

A robust system designed to support both multi-channel and single-station configurations, allowing unparalleled customization for your radio experience.

Radio Station Player Channels
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AIO - Radio Station Player Channels
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Radio Station Player

Introducing the AIO - Radio Station Player Channels: a comprehensive system engineered to accommodate both multi-channel and single-station setups, providing unparalleled customization options for your radio immersion.

- Add Channels:

Configure your radio station channels effortlessly for seamless integration with your radio player. Customize each channel with specific details to enhance their representation on your player.
To add a radio station channel, navigate to the Channels Tab and click "Add Channel."

- Channel Name:
Display the unique name of your radio station on the player, ensuring easy identification for your audience.

- Channel Logo:
Personalize the visual identity of your channel with a logo. Supported formats include JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP, and SVG. The image will be cropped to fit the designated logo area.

- Color Scheme:
Apply a custom color scheme previously created under the tools tab to further tailor your channel's appearance.

- Channel Time:
Keep your listeners informed with a playback timer based on the last track change.

- Stream Configuration:
Configure streams effortlessly with support for various streaming formats like MP3, AAC+, and OGG codecs, compatible with all major web browsers. Add SSL URL streaming for multiple servers or groups.

The player supports various streaming formats, but the HTML5 Audio API relies on the web browser, and each browser has different codec support. The MP3 codec is widely supported in all major web browsers and is highly recommended. Codecs like AAC+ and OGG are only supported in a limited number of browsers. Below, you will find examples of how to link streams:

  • Shoutcast v1.x:;stream.mp3
  • Shoutcast v2.x:
  • Icecast v2.x:

Note: You can use a combination of codecs, such as OGG and MP3. In combination mode, the first stream is used as "primary," and the second serves as a "fall-back." Adding the AAC+ codec may break the player in some browsers because some browsers don't fall back when playback fails.

- Track Information Method:
Select your preferred method for displaying track information, artist names, and artwork, ensuring an engaging experience for your audience.

- Stream URL Information:
Enter the necessary stream URL information, including server host or IP, stream port, and mount point, to enable seamless streaming on your player.

Experience the versatility of the AIO - Radio Station Player Channels, providing you with comprehensive tools to configure and optimize your radio station's presence and functionality.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

AIO Radio Player 

Experience the pinnacle of radio listening with our AIO Radio Player, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and versatile functionality. Packed with an array of advanced features, this player offers an unparalleled listening experience. From its seamless compatibility across various devices to its customizable interface and robust streaming capabilities, it stands as a testament to innovation in radio player technology. Embrace the future of radio with our most advanced AIO Radio Player.

Radio Station Player Channels
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Radio Station Player Channels

a comprehensive system engineered to accommodate both multi-channel and single-station.

  • Multi-channel and single-station supported.
  • Displaying track information artist names, and artwork.
  • Customize your channel's look with a logo.
  • Display the unique name of your radio station.

Quick Reference

Explore our video tutorial—an expert guide for mastering the Channels tab effortlessly. Get ready for a step-by-step walkthrough, gaining comprehensive insights into leveraging the full potential of these powerful tools.

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