Service Limit

Please note that these values can be set to 0, representing unlimited, but it's crucial to check your reseller account limits before proceeding. Exceeding these limits may impact plan creation.

Review your reseller account limits on the Stream Plan page, accessible by scrolling to the bottom. For any inquiries or assistance regarding account limits, feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team. Tailor your streaming experience with confidence and precision.

Reseller Wowza Service Limit
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MojoCP Wowza Video
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Optimize Your Stream Plans with Precision:

When configuring your stream plans, it's essential to tailor the service limits to meet your specific requirements. Here's a quick guide:

Slot Viewers: Designate the total number of viewers assigned to your application.

Traffic: Specify the monthly traffic allocation for seamless streaming experiences.

Disk Space: Define the maximum disk space (in MB) for VOD and CloudTV Station applications.
For live streaming, a minimum of 50MB ensures optimal performance.

Bandwidth: Set the maximum monthly bandwidth (in MB) to meet your streaming demands.

Data Transfer: Establish the monthly data transfer limit (in MB)for efficient content delivery.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.
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These server limits

These server limits play a pivotal role in managing resource allocation and maintaining the overall stability of your streaming infrastructure. It's recommended to align these settings with your specific streaming needs while considering the capacity of your server.

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