Adverts Manager

Radio Adverts Manager

Effortlessly broadcast radio advertisements across premier music and streaming platforms using our
Free AIO Radio Player. Seamlessly advertise your business to a vast audience, leveraging top-tier music and radio streaming platforms. With user-friendly functionalities, you can swiftly create and run radio ads, amplifying your business outreach in a matter of minutes.

Adverts Manager
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monetize your audio video stream
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Adverts Manager

Experience seamless commercial integration with our AIO Radio Player Adverts Commercials Manager. Impress your audience by strategically placing commercials before the player initiates playback. Maximize engagement and revenue opportunities by effortlessly managing and scheduling commercials, ensuring a captivating listening experience right from the start.

- Access the Tools Tab on the radio player platform.
- Navigate to the 'Advertise' option.Upload your file by clicking 'Browse'.
- Ensure it's in MP3 format and doesn't exceed 5MB per file.
If there's more than one commercial, the player shuffles them before playback.
- Try the "DEMO" below.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Player Adverts integration

Leverage the power of our Radio Player Adverts integration to monetize your streaming experience through engaging audio ads. Maximize revenue potential by seamlessly incorporating advertisements into your radio streams, unlocking new monetization opportunities while delivering quality content to your audience.

adverts radio manager
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Client services

Maximize your broadcasting potential by capitalizing on your radio's audio-video stream.

  • Generate Revenue.
  • Video VAST Tag Integration
  • Audio Advertise Integration.
  • Customize your  Audio Video Ads.

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