Wowza Default Playlist

Default Playlist

The Default Playlist serves as the primary schedule in the absence of any scheduled playlists. Within the Default Playlist, you have the flexibility to organize videos for sequential or shuffle play. Additionally, you can arrange the video order by utilizing the arrow options on the right-hand screen, enabling you to position videos as desired, either at the beginning or end.

Default Playlist
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Wowza Default Playlist Schedule
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Setting Default Playlist Schedule:

Effortlessly navigate MojoCP's default playlist, organizing and scheduling videos to perfectly cater to your audience's preferences.

Creating a Playlist is simple and efficient.

Step 1
Navigate to your dashboard, select 'Services,' and choose your server.
Step 2
Access the Cloud TV Tab and then the Folders Tab from your Overview page.
Step 3
Use the Filter dropdown menu and select the Default Category.
Step 4
Arrange the video sequence by using the arrow icons on the right screen, enabling sequential playback.
Steps 5
In this guide, I'll position the default video at the top of the Category to start first on my default playlist.
Step 6
Playlist Sorting Option Random Shuffle Selecting the Random Shuffle option enables MojoCP to play all video tracks from the playlist in a randomized order at the scheduled time.
Step 7
Click 'Save' once adjustments are made, and restart the schedule to apply the changes.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Default Playlist Manager

The Default Playlist within MojoCP serves as the foundation of scheduled content when no specific playlists are arranged. Offering ease and flexibility, it allows seamless management and arrangement of videos, ensuring a smooth and continuous viewing experience for your audience. Tailor your default schedule effortlessly, organizing videos to suit your programming needs.

Wowza Default Playlist
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With intuitive controls and the ability to set the playback sequence, the Default Playlist empowers you to curate engaging and uninterrupted content presentations effortlessly.

Default  Video Management for Seamless Control

Explore our comprehensive tutorial on programming the Default Playlist to optimize your content scheduling. Learn how to seamlessly manage and arrange videos within the Default Playlist, ensuring uninterrupted and engaging content flow for your audience. Access our tutorial to harness the full potential of customizing your Default Playlist effortlessly.

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