Wowza MojoCP Deleting Playlist

Deleting Playlist

Within MojoCP's playlist feature, users can craft, organize, and schedule custom playlists effortlessly. Customize playlists by adding or removing videos and adjusting their sequence. Schedule playlist playtimes for automated video playback. Managing playlists is simple; you can delete any scheduled playlist on MojoCP by selecting the playlist and choosing the 'delete' option.

Wowza Delete Playlist Video
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Wowza Restart Schedule Playlist
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Deleting Playlists:

Seamlessly remove outdated or current playlists to refine your content calendar.

Step 1
Navigate to your dashboard, select 'Services,' and choose your server.
Step 2
Access the Cloud TV Tab and then proceed to the Playlist Tab from your overview page.
Step 3
To remove an old or new playlist, simply highlight the desired playlist and click the 'Delete Playlist' button.
Step 4
Click 'Restart Schedule' to ensure the changes take effect in your playlist schedule.
Steps 5
Alternatively, use the dropdown menu to select the playlist you wish to delete and click 'Delete Playlist.
Step 6
Remember to restart the schedule to implement the change. Missing this step may prevent the schedule from updating. Note: Restarting the playlist won't disrupt the current playback in MojoCP.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Deleting  Playlist functionality

Explore the intuitive interface that allows you to easily access and delete playlists from your dashboard, ensuring an up-to-date and organized scheduling system. Enhance your scheduling precision by efficiently deleting playlists that are no longer needed, keeping your content schedule streamlined and relevant.

Wowza Playlist Reload
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Elevate your content strategy

Optimize your content management strategy by easily eliminating playlists that no longer serve your programming goals. Keep your scheduling system tidy and efficient, allowing you to stay focused on delivering engaging and timely content to your audience without the clutter of unnecessary playlists.

Quick tutorial

Discover the intuitive interface and simple steps demonstrated in our tutorial, offering a clear and concise overview of how to efficiently manage playlists. Learn how to navigate through your dashboard, access the Playlist Tab, and easily delete playlists with precision.

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