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Apple HLS Live Streaming with MojoCP

Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) stands as a pioneering streaming protocol crafted by Apple Inc., revolutionizing the delivery of live and on-demand video and audio content. Its adaptability extends across a multitude of devices, catering not only to Apple's ecosystem encompassing iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs but also ensuring compatibility with non-Apple devices like Android phones and tablets.

What sets HLS apart is its employment of adaptive bitrate streaming, a dynamic mechanism adept at fine-tuning the video or audio stream quality in response to varying bandwidth and network conditions. This adaptive approach guarantees a seamless, dependable playback experience, elevating viewer satisfaction across diverse platforms and devices.

Configure Apple HLS Restream

Set up MojoCP to Capture an Encoded Live Stream from an HLS-Based Source and Enable Multi-Protocol Playback of the Live Stream.

Generating a Stream File:
Navigate to the MojoCP dashboard and go to Services > Application name > Stream Repeat.
Initiate a new stream file creation by selecting “+ Create New Stream File.” A popup window will prompt you to:

  • Step 1:
    Enter the designated name for your Apple HLS stream.
  • Step 2:
    Input the stream URL for your Apple HLS.
  • Step 3:
    Click 'Add' to implement the Apple HLS settings.

For updates or revisions:

  • Step 4:
    Remove the previous stream file using the delete option.
  • Step 5:
    To modify and apply the new stream file, click 'Edit.'

MojoCP automatically configure and connect your stream file  to the default application instance.MojoCP automatically configure and connect your stream file  to the default application instance.
To apply the configurations select the media caster type “applehls” click on the“Connect”Button to complete this action.

Add to Startup Streams:
When the server starts, the MediaCaster system can pull streams from these sources automatically and make them available for streaming to all player technologies supported by the server. These streams must be identified in a Startup Streams list.To apply the startup click on the “Connect” Button to complete this action.

*Please consult the accompanying screenshot for reference.

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Wowza Apple hls add stream file
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Wowza Apple hls connect stream
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Apple hls startup stream
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Create Stream File

The stream file should mirror the examples provided below:

  • (1) Stream Name:
  • (e.g., My Apple HLS)
  • (2) HLS URL:
  • https://url dreess:443/live/live/playlist.m3u8

Quick Overview: 

Learn step-by-step instructions, tips, and best practices to leverage Apple HLS effectively within the MojoCP environment. Master the art of delivering high-quality video content effortlessly with this comprehensive tutorial.

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