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Centova Cast Uploading Media via File Manager

The File Manager within Centova Cast offers a comprehensive interface designed specifically for the efficient handling, uploading, and organization of your station’s valuable media files.

Centova Cast File Operations
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Centova Cast upload media
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Uploading Media via File Manager:

Using the web-based File Manager is the most convenient way to upload media files, seamlessly integrating with your existing web browser. Here's a step-by-step guide:

    • Step 1:
      Navigate to 'Files' under the 'AutoDJ' section in the left-hand navigation panel.
    • Step 2:
      Click the 'Upload' button located at the page's bottom, triggering the file upload dialog to appear.
    • Step 3:
      Select 'Select files' to browse your computer for the media files you wish to upload.
    • Step 4:
      Choose your media file(s) and hit 'Open' to initiate the upload process. Note: Typically, MP3 audio files are compatible with your autoDJ.
    • Step 5:
      The upload starts promptly. Upon completion, you can repeat steps 3-4 to upload additional media files if needed.
    • Step 6:
      Click 'Close' to exit the file upload dialog.
    • Step 7:
      Once done with the file manager, click 'Return' at the page's bottom to go back to the main Centova Cast interface.

File Operations:

The toolbar at the bottom of the window offers an array of buttons for executing various file management tasks. These include:

  • Upload:
    Launches the file upload interface, enabling the addition of file(s) to the chosen folder. For detailed instructions, refer to the 'Uploading Files' section below.
  • Copy:
    Duplicates the selected file(s) to the clipboard. Once copied, these files can be pasted into another folder using the 'Paste' option.
  • Cut:
    Moves the selected file(s) to the clipboard. After this action, the files can be relocated to a different folder by opening the target location and employing the 'Paste' function.
  • Paste:
    Inserts any files from the clipboard into the current folder. This action facilitates either copying (if the 'Copy' option was previously used) or moving (if the 'Cut' option was utilized) files from their original location to the current directory.
  • Delete:
    Removes the selected file(s) permanently. Please note that this action is irreversible.
  • Rename:
    Adjusts the name of the chosen file or folder.
  • New Folder:
    Create distinct folders for each music category.

[Client Reference Manual]

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File Manager

The file manager offers a comprehensive interface to efficiently upload and organize your station's media files.

Centova Cast configure FTP
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Special Folders

Within Centova Cast, there exist several specialized folders that hold specific significance. These folders encompass:

  • • /media This folder contains all of the media files.
  • • /ondemand Stores files served by your station.
  • • /sound stores files for intros and fallback audio.

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