Duplicating Playlists

Duplicate Playlist

Within the Playlist function, you can effortlessly create, duplicate, and schedule Playlists. Specify start and end dates for each playlist. By utilizing the duplicate playlist feature, you can seamlessly drag and drop duplicated playlists to future dates. Remember to restart the playlist schedule after making any modifications for the changes to take effect.

Duplicate Playlist
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Wowza MojoCP Duplicate Playlist
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Duplicating Playlists:

With the duplicate playlist feature, effortlessly move and place duplicated playlists into upcoming dates.

Step 1
From your dashboard, navigate to 'Services' and choose your server.
Step 2
On the Overview page, access the Cloud TV tab and then proceed to the Playlist tab.
Select the playlist you wish to duplicate by highlighting it and clicking on 'Duplicate Playlist.

Step 3
In the popup window, select the date for duplicating the playlist.
Please pay attention! You cannot select a date where you already have a playlist!

Step 4
Alternatively, use the dropdown menu, select the playlist, and click 'Duplicate Playlist.'
Steps 5
Once completed, scroll down and save the data.
Step 6
The schedule will reload to apply the changes. Note: If there's an ongoing playlist, MojoCP ensures uninterrupted playback when restarting.

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Duplicate Playlist functionality

Efficiency meets flexibility with our Duplicate Playlist functionality. Seamlessly replicate and schedule playlists for future dates with ease. This feature empowers users to effortlessly extend content schedules, ensuring uninterrupted programming.

Playlist Drag And Drop
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With intuitive drag-and-drop controls, duplicate playlists effortlessly and tailor your content calendar to meet upcoming programming needs. Streamline your scheduling process and maintain a consistent viewer experience by duplicating playlists effortlessly.

Quick tutorial

Explore our comprehensive tutorial showcasing how to effortlessly duplicate playlists, ensuring seamless content scheduling. Learn the step-by-step process to replicate playlists effortlessly, enabling efficient management of content scheduling. Access our tutorial to optimize your playlist duplication process and streamline your content calendar effortlessly.

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