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Dashboard Service Status Summary

StreamingPulse MOJOCP offers a streamlined Stream Status Summary, delivering users a swift and comprehensive glimpse into their current streaming status. This concise overview encompasses crucial details like viewer count, stream bitrate, and any potential technical hitches impacting the stream.

Presented in an easily digestible format, typically in the form of an intuitive chart or table, this summary empowers users with a snapshot of their streaming activity.

By actively monitoring the Stream Status Summary on MOJOCP, users can effortlessly stay abreast of their stream's well-being and enact adjustments to enhance the overall viewing experience. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned streamer, the Stream Status Summary on MOJOCP stands as an indispensable tool for monitoring streaming activity and refining content delivery. Elevate your streaming experience with this essential feature tailored to both beginners and seasoned content creators.

Client Service Summary
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Client Service Summary
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System Utilization
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Client Countries Map
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MojoCP Clients Dashboard:

The dashboard serves as a panoramic lens into your streaming universe, encapsulating vital metrics such as Server Uptime, Connections Realtime, Server Status, data transfer utilization, disk space status, and server availability.

Elevating your understanding of streaming dynamics, the dashboard unfolds a comprehensive overview:

Employ the sophisticated Wowza Streaming Engine as your premier streaming server software.

Date & Time Zone:
Harmonize your operations with Wowza's designated time zone, ensuring precision in all time-related functions.

Stay at the pinnacle of technology with the deployment of the latest iteration of Wowza Streaming Engine.

Server Uptime:
Track the initiation time of your server, offering a clear indication of its operational status.

Server Status:
Gain insights into your server's operational state, including online, offline, suspended, or login status.

Connections Realtime:
Monitor your audience engagement with the real-time viewers meter, revealing both current viewership and the total capacity of your video stream.

Monthly Traffic in MBPS:
Navigate your application's data landscape with the monthly traffic meter, providing a detailed breakdown of data traffic usage in MBPS for the current month, alongside your established monthly data traffic limit.

Disk Space MB:
Efficiently manage your digital assets with the disk space usage meter, outlining the storage consumption of your account's files, encompassing uploaded videos, and highlighting the allocated disk space limit.

System Utilization:
Dive deeper into your system's health with comprehensive metrics:

  • Monthly Real-time Connections
  • Monthly Network Usage
  • Monthly Disk Usage

Stream Connections:
Access a detailed report spanning the last 7 days, offering a holistic view of your streaming activity.

Stream Connections Last Month:
Delve into daily reports for the entirety of the last month, providing a nuanced understanding of your historical streaming performance.

Real-Time Countries/Map:
Experience the global impact of your stream with a live report showcasing the current top countries of your viewership, complemented by a dynamic map view of viewer locations.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Stream Dashboard, seamlessly powered by the dynamic MojoCP platform.

Elevate your streaming management experience with our comprehensive dashboard powered by MojoCP. This state-of-the-art dashboard provides an all-encompassing overview of your streaming operations, ensuring precision and efficiency in every aspect.

MojoCP Client Dashboard
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Stream Hub by MojoCP

Maximize your streaming potential with MojoCP dashboard—an integrated solution designed to optimize, streamline, and elevate every facet of your streaming journey.

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