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Plan Adjustments

Upgrade or downgrade your streaming plan with ease, and witness the immediate implementation of added or removed features.

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Effortless Plan Adjustments on Mojocp:

Unlock the power of real-time adjustments by seamlessly upgrading, downgrading, or applying add-ons to your client's application plan on Mojocp. Here's a simplified guide:

Access Your Reseller Account:
Log in to your Mojocp reseller account and navigate to the "Services" section.

Locate and Edit:
Identify the application you wish to modify, then click on the tools icon to reveal editing options.

Choose Your Plan:
Under the "Service Plan" section, select a different plan from the dropdown list. Alternatively, customize the plan by modifying values under "Service Limits" and "Wowza Features."

Addon Features:
Easily enable any desired addon feature listed under Wowza Features without changing the plan by a simple selection.

Save Your Changes:
Once adjustments are made, click the "Save" button to apply them.

Automatic Restart:
Note that the application will automatically restart to implement the changes.

Client Notification:
Inform your client in advance about the potential service interruption during this process.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.
customize streaming
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Stream Plan Flexibility: Upgrade, Downgrade, Customize.

Upgrade, downgrade, or customize streaming plans effortlessly with Mojocp, ensuring a tailored and interruption-free streaming experience for your clients.

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