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CloudTV Station To Live

Elevate your broadcasting experience with our CloudTV Station to Live service, seamlessly transitioning from pre-recorded shows to live streaming with the click of a button. Our step-by-step video tutorial guides you through configuring your TV station using MojoCP and Wowza Streaming Engine, ensuring a smooth and effortless setup.

Key Features:

Automatic Live Switching: Effortlessly shift your CloudTV Station to live streaming with a single click, providing a dynamic and real-time connection with your audience.

Wowza Streaming Engine Integration: Utilize the power of Wowza Streaming Engine to configure your TV station for optimal live streaming performance, enhancing the quality and reliability of your broadcasts.

24/7 Connectivity: Stay connected around the clock with the flexibility to seamlessly transition between pre-recorded shows and live streaming, offering your audience a continuous and engaging viewing experience.

Whether you're new to live streaming or looking to enhance your current setup, our CloudTV Station to Live service tutorial empowers you to create professional and captivating broadcasts. With MojoCP's user-friendly platform, going live has never been easier — keep your audience engaged with the content they love at the click of a button.

RTMP Encoder Settings

Certain online platforms utilize RTMP servers such as Wowza and comparable services. These servers typically require user authentication through your designated username and password.

Generating a Stream File:
Navigate to the MojoCP dashboard and go to Services > Application name > Encoder Settings.
There are various encoder settings available for your live streaming, including options for software like OBS, VID Blaster, Wirecast, vMix, and also configurations optimized for streaming live content from mobile devices. (Let's illustrate this with OBS as our example.)

Open OBS Studio and from Mojocp copy and paste the information found in the Live Streaming box under the "Encoder Settings Tab" to your encoder.

It will resemble something similar to the following.

  • FMS URL: rtmp://222.444.555.888:1935/cloudtv
  • Stream Key: live
  • Username: cloudtv
  • Password: demo

In OBS, navigate to 'Output' located on your left screen:

  • Output mode: Select 'Advanced.'
  • Encoder: Choose 'x264.'
  • Rate Control: Set to 'CBR.'
  • Bitrate: Adjust this based on your stream plan; you can also find this information on the Overview page in MojoCP.
  • Buffering: Set to '2500.'
  • Keyframe Interval: Optimal settings range from 1 to 2.
  • CPU Usage: Set to 'Medium.'
  • Profile: Select 'High.'
  • Tune: Choose 'Zerolatency.'

    Next, move to the 'Audio' tab in OBS under 'General' and configure as follows:

  • Sample Rate: Set to '48 kHz.'
  • Channels: Choose 'Stereo.'

    Click 'Apply' and then 'OK' to save the changes. You're now prepared to commence YOUR live streaming by clicking 'Start Streaming' in OBS."

*Please consult the accompanying screenshot for reference.

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CloudTV Station to Live service
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Wowza OBS Studio
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Wowza OBS Studio
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Download OBS Studio

Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

Quick-Reference Guide

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