Centova Cast Autodj Status

Enable or Disable AutoDJ:

AutoDJ Status  Indicates whether the AutoDJ feature is currently enabled or disabled. For instructions on enabling or disabling AutoDJ in Centova Cast, see below.

Centova Cast Autodj Status
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Centova Cast playlist
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Autodj Status:

This setting determines whether the autoDJ feature is activated. However, if your stream is currently live, this option will be inaccessible. To make changes, you'll need to "STOP" your stream temporarily. 

To Enable Auto DJ on Centova Cast:
1. From your Dashboard, click "STOP" under the server.
2. Click "Settings" under Configuration.
3. Select the "AutoDJ" Tab.
4. Under the AutoDJ Status, from the dropdown menu, select "Permitted and enable".
5. Click "Update" to apply the change.

To disable AutoDJ, repeat the same steps and select "Permitted and disabled" from the dropdown menu.

Here are the available options:

  • Disabled:
    Choosing this option turns off autoDJ support. It's ideal if you plan to utilize a live streaming source for your broadcasts.
  • Enabled:
    Selecting this option activates autoDJ support, allowing you to upload your media to the server. This is particularly useful if you won't be providing a live streaming source. Keep in mind, if autoDJ is enabled but no media (such as MP3 files) has been uploaded or added to an enabled playlist, the server won't start. To avoid this, ensure you've uploaded at least one track and added it to an enabled General Rotation playlist before initiating the server with autoDJ support enabled.

    [Client Reference Manual]

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

AutoDJ system

Centova Cast offers a suite of controls designed specifically for managing your autoDJ system.
These controls are conveniently accessible through button icons situated next to the AutoDJ heading in the navigation menu. Further details regarding their functionality are elaborated in the subsequent sections.

  • Start AutoDJ: Activates your autoDJ if it's currently offline.
  • Stop AutoDJ: Halts your autoDJ, keeping your streaming server active. Useful before a live broadcast.
  • Skip Track: Advances to the next track if your autoDJ is currently playing.
Centova Cast Media Library
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Media Library 

In the media library, you'll find an efficient and robust tool to explore, search, and structure your media content.

  • Edit Album Details: Modify album title, cover.
  • Remove Cover: Eliminate the album's cover.
  • Re-Index: Reset album details track, metadata. 

Centova Cast: Your Essential Guide

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