Reseller Managing Existing Accounts

Managing Existing Accounts with MojoCP

Experience unparalleled efficiency in managing your clients' accounts with the "Managing Client Accounts" feature in MojoCP. This robust tool equips resellers with a comprehensive account list, offering a quick overview of all accounts controlled through the platform.

Each account summary, featuring essential details like the client's nickname, email address, and status, provides a centralized view for streamlined management.

Resellers can seamlessly access a client's account, edit account information, or initiate account deletion—all with just a few clicks. Navigate to the "Client" link on the left-hand side menu and unlock the potential of this powerful feature for efficient and hassle-free account management.

Managing Existing Accounts
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Account List Mastery: Effortless Oversight in MojoCP

The MojoCP Account List revolutionizes the way resellers manage client accounts. Delve into a detailed overview that includes key information about each client:

NickName: The username for account login and FTP access.

Type: Indicates the client account type and their access level.

Email Address: Displays the contact email for stream management, with automatic notification capabilities.

First Name & Last Name: Reveals the client's personal information.

Owner: Identifies users with access to manage associated accounts.

Status: Indicates whether the account is active or suspended.

Login: A direct link to access the user account.

Edit: Provides access to the client account editor.

Delete: Initiates the account removal process, requiring confirmation before deletion.

Filtering Brilliance: Tailoring Your Account List

Refine your reseller experience on MojoCP with our sophisticated filtering options, providing pinpoint control over client accounts:

By Clients: This option exclusively showcases accounts linked to a specific client, ensuring a focused view tailored to individual needs.

By Status: Easily discern the activity status of each account—whether it's actively streaming or temporarily suspended—streamlining your oversight and management.

By Server Type: Unlock the ability to pinpoint specific streaming server types, including On-Demand Live, IP Camera, and more. This precision empowers resellers to swiftly identify and manage accounts aligned with distinct streaming needs.


- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Managing Existing Accounts

Experience the epitome of account management efficiency with MojoCP. Our intuitive platform empowers resellers to seamlessly navigate and oversee client accounts with precision. Utilize the comprehensive account list to access key details effortlessly, from client nicknames to account status. The "Manage Client Accounts" feature enables swift actions such as editing information or deleting accounts. Take control and elevate your reseller experience with MojoCP user-friendly account management tools.

Optimize your reseller
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Effortlessly Refine Accounts Management

Optimize your reseller efficiency with MojoCP advanced filtering. Easily sort and manage accounts by clients, status, or server type—On-Demand Live, IP Camera, and more. Elevate your approach to account management with MojoCP seamless filtering for a focused and efficient experience.

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