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StationPlaylist Studio.

Elevate your live online radio broadcasts with Station Playlist Studio. This dynamic software serves as the cornerstone of a seamless broadcasting experience, providing an array of powerful tools designed to enhance your live shows. With Station Playlist Studio, you have a comprehensive suite at your fingertips, empowering you to curate, manage, and broadcast captivating content effortlessly. Unleash your creativity and deliver engaging live broadcasts that captivate your audience, all with the intuitive and versatile capabilities of Station Playlist Studio.

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StationPlaylist Studio

StationPlaylist Studio is a sophisticated broadcasting software designed to revolutionize live radio broadcasts. Offering a comprehensive set of tools and features, this software serves as the backbone for seamless and professional radio programming.

This software boasts an impressive array of capabilities, from playlist management to live-assist features, enabling broadcasters to handle transitions, cue tracks, and manage audio elements with precision. Its versatility extends to supporting various audio formats, allowing for a flexible and customizable broadcasting experience.

StationPlaylist Studio’s advanced scheduling functionalities streamline the process of planning and executing live broadcasts. It provides seamless integration with hardware devices, facilitating smooth operation during live shows while ensuring top-notch audio quality.

Moreover, the software offers a range of customizable options, enabling broadcasters to tailor their broadcasts to meet the preferences of their audience. Its reliable performance and stability make it a go-to choice for radio stations, whether they're small-scale online broadcasters or established FM/AM stations.

Installation Guide:

1. **Download StationPlaylist Studio**
- Ensure to download StationPlaylist Studio, which is exclusively supported on Windows.

2. **Install StationPlaylist Studio**
- Download the latest version of StationPlaylist Studio and run the .exe file.
- Click "Finish" when the installation is complete.

3. **Customize StationPlaylist Studio**
- Upon completion of the installer, a wizard will appear, allowing you to customize your StationPlaylist Studio installation.
- Personalize the installation to your preference. In the "Stream Encoding" window, make sure to set the "Enable the stream encoder in the studio?" option to "Yes."

4. **Set Up the Encoder**
- Once the wizard is finished, you'll find yourself on the StationPlaylist Studio dashboard.
- In the SPL Encoder window, click "Add Encoder." Double-click the newly created encoder to open the options window for entering your station's details.

5. **Enter Station Details**
- Retrieve your radio station's details from the email you received or access them through the Centova Cast Dashboard under "Settings" and "Quick Link."
- Enter the details as instructed below:

For Shoutcast:

- Bitrate: Typically 128kbps
- Sample Rate: 44100
- Encoder Type: AAC+ MP3
- Server Type: Shoutcast
- Host:
- Port: 8000
- Encoder Username: (Leave blank)
- Encoder Password: 86tu8x9fghtyj
- Mountpoint: (Leave blank)
- Auto-reconnect Seconds: Default is 10

For Icecast V2:

- Bitrate: Typically 128kbps
- Sample Rate: 44100
- Encoder Type: AAC+ MP3
- Server Type: Icecast
- Host:
- Port: 8000
- Encoder Username: source
- Encoder Password: 86tu8x9fghtyj
- Mountpoint: /live
- Auto-reconnect Seconds: Default is 10

Download StationPlaylist Studio Trial Edition:
[Station Playlist]

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

StationPlaylist Studio operates exclusively on Windows operating systems.

StationPlaylist Studio serves as an invaluable on-air automation solution tailored for Internet radio broadcasters. Versatile and powerful, this program effortlessly handles diverse audio formats while offering seamless integration for commercials, jingles, advertisements, and more. Its capabilities extend beyond simple playback, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance and streamline the broadcasting experience for online radio stations.

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Broadcast settings

For SHOUTCast - Icecast  Input the required details in the following format:

  • Encoding Quality: Typically 128kbps
  • Server URL: Your hosting URL (e.g.,
  • Server Port: The four-digit port number (e.g., 7000)
  • Password: eg: 86tu8x9fghtyj - Username (leave blank)
  • For Icacast only Mount-point: /live

Quick Start Overview

Explore the potential of StationPlaylist Studio, a cutting-edge broadcasting software crafted for internet AM and FM radio. Dive into our video tutorial for an in-depth understanding of its powerful features and functionalities.

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