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Introducing TV Station Cloud on MojoCP – a revolutionary TV-style streaming service that allows you to schedule programs and insert video content into your live streams. With the ability to seamlessly switch between playlist and live streaming, viewers will never have to disconnect. Plus, our service is compatible with live encoding tools and media players for an easy and seamless streaming experience.

Wowza Playlist
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Playlist Function:

Within the Playlist function, you gain control to create, duplicate, and schedule your Playlists effortlessly. These playlists compile all your added videos or folders, allowing simple drag-and-drop actions onto the timeline schedule. An added commercial feature enables the integration of ad videos seamlessly within your shows or movies.

With this feature, when the commercial ends, your show or movie resumes precisely from where it paused, ensuring a seamless viewing experience without any time disruptions. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to set start and end dates for your playlists. Leveraging the duplicate playlist function, simply drag and drop duplicated playlists onto future dates. Remember to restart the playlist schedule after any modifications for the changes to take effect.

Creating a Playlist is simple and efficient.

Step 1
Head to the Cloud TV Tab and click on the Playlist Tab followed by the Create Playlist Tab.

Step 2
Assign a distinctive name to your Playlist for easy identification among others.

Step 3
Select both the start and end dates if it's for a single day. To repeat the same playlist for multiple days, choose a different end date on the calendar.

Step 4
For duplicating the same playlist, please refer to the "Duplicate Playlist" option.

Next Steps:

Steps 5
Scroll down and set the schedule timeline, recommending a 5-minute setting for a smoother start and end time upon schedule creation.

Step 6
Choose the video category from the dropdown menu or use the default playlist.

Step 7
Drag and drop videos from the video block onto the timeline. Repeat this process to add more movies.

Adding Commercials:

Step 8
Use the second Timeline Box to insert commercials, setting the desired playtime.

Step 9
If you prefer inserting commercials within a video, adjust its placement to the desired start time. The movie pauses during the commercial and resumes seamlessly from the same point afterward.

Finalizing the Process:

Step 10
Click save and restart the schedule. Note that restarting won’t interrupt any ongoing playlist; MojoCP ensures a seamless transition without interrupting the current playback.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Playlist Manager

Cloud TV Playlist, a comprehensive and user-centric feature designed to revolutionize your streaming experience. Seamlessly manage and curate your content with precision using our intuitive Playlist functionality. Experience uninterrupted streaming—whether you're creating, modifying, or restarting playlists, Cloud TV Playlist ensures a smooth transition without interrupting the ongoing broadcast.

Wowza Video Restart Playlist
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Empower your content scheduling effortlessly—create, organize, and tailor playlists to suit your programming needs. Enjoy the flexibility of setting start and end dates for single-day or multi-day playlists, ensuring your audience receives precisely what you intend.

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