Wowza playback feature

Wowza Playback Types

Playback Types feature, allowing you to tailor your live streaming experience. Choose from options such as MPEG-DASH for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming, Apple HLS for iOS and Android devices, Adobe RTMP for Flash Player, and RTSP/RTP for various players and devices, providing a versatile streaming solution for diverse audience preferences and devices.

Wowza playback types
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Configure Playback Types

Diversify your streaming capabilities by enabling specific endpoints through our Playback Types feature.

Step 1 Access "Services" from your dashboard and select your designated server.

Step 2 Navigate to the "Plugins Tab" and the "Playback Tab," then click on "Configure Playback."

Step 3 Select the desired Playback Types by checking the available options.

Choose one or more of the following options:

    Stream seamlessly to DASH clients using Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH).
  • Apple HLS:
    Extend your reach to Apple iOS and Android devices through the Apple HTTP Live Streaming protocol.
  • Adobe RTMP:
    Connect with Adobe Flash Player through the Real-Time Messaging Protocol.
    Expand compatibility to RTSP/RTP-based players and devices, including Android devices, through interleaved Real-Time Streaming Protocol/Real-time Transport Protocol.

Step 4
Click "Save Changes" and restart your application from the overview page to apply the changes.

With these versatile playback types, you can optimize your streaming strategy for a broader audience across various platforms and devices.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Playback Types

With the Configure Playback Types feature, you have the power to tailor your live stream to be compatible with various devices and platforms, spanning desktop computers, mobile devices, and smart TVs.

Wowza playback feature
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PlayBack feature

This feature ensures that your live stream is optimized for diverse network conditions, guaranteeing viewers an uninterrupted streaming experience worldwide.

  • Apple HLS
  • Adobe RTMP

Access More Information

Explore the step-by-step guide to make your live stream accessible to a global audience, providing an uninterrupted and superior viewing experience. Check our tutorial for in-depth insights and unleash the versatility of MojoCP Playback Types for your streaming needs.

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