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MojoCP introduces a robust client notification feature, designed to streamline communication and keep clients and resellers in the loop on crucial account activities. This automated email notification system ensures clients receive real-time updates on significant actions within their accounts, fostering transparency and client engagement.

For instance, when clients reset their passwords, they instantly receive a personalized email notification, such as "Your password has been reset." Beyond emails, clients also receive in-control panel notifications for key events, like surpassing bitrate or disk quota limits, or nearing data transfer thresholds.

Email notification system
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Email notification template
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Customize Your Communication:

Here's your guide to effortlessly configure personalized messages for your clients:

a: Navigate to your MojoCP dashboard and access the "Settings" option in the navigation menu.

b: Select "Email Templates" from the settings page.

c: Initiate a new template by clicking "Add New" and fill in the template name, company email, subject, message, and choose the notification color in the dialog box.

e: Set the schedule date and time for sending notifications using the "Schedule Date and Time" option.

f: Click "Save Changes" to finalize your custom email template.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Empowered Reselling: Illuminating Your Path with MojoCP Notifications

As a reseller, you're not left in the dark either. Stay on top of your client accounts effortlessly by receiving notifications on events like password resets or streaming service issues. These notifications appear prominently at the top of your dashboard, providing a centralized hub for managing important account events.

Email notification timer
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Tailor email notifications

What sets MojoCP apart is the adaptability it offers to resellers. Tailor email notifications to match your brand by customizing triggers for automated messages. This flexibility ensures clients receive only the most relevant information, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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