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Amplify the Security of Your Playback Experience with SecureToken

Enhance the security of your streaming encounters with Wowza Streaming Engine Using MojoCP Platform  robust playback security, featuring the advanced protection of SecureToken. This comprehensive playback protection spans all supported streaming protocols, providing a shield against potential threats.

SecureToken operates as a challenge/response system, ensuring a dynamic exchange between Wowza Streaming Engine and its clients. This system adds an additional layer of security, safeguarding your valuable content against potential spoofing threats.

Each connection within the SecureToken framework is fortified with a unique random key (hash) and a confidential password, known as the shared secret. This intricate combination of elements creates a secure environment, enhancing the integrity and authenticity of your streaming content. With SecureToken, you can stream confidently, knowing that your content is well-protected against unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

Wowza Secure Token
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Wowza Security Token
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Configure SecureToken for Enhanced Playback Security

This feature provides advanced playback security across all supported streaming protocols, employing challenge/response mechanisms to safeguard your content.

Step 1: Access Your Server
Begin by accessing the "Services" menu from your dashboard and select the designated server.

Step 2: Navigate to Source Security
In the "Plugins Tab," locate "Source Security," and then find the "Playback Security SecureToken" option.

Step 3: Configure SecureToken Options
Choose from the SecureToken options:

  • Require secure RTMP connection (Check Mark this option)
  • SecureToken:
    1. Protect all protocols using hash (SecureToken version 2)
    2. Protect RTMP protocol using TEA (SecureToken version 1)
    3. Do NOT use SecureToken

Step 4: Select SecureToken Version 2
Opt for "Protect all protocols using hash (SecureToken version 2)."

Step 5: Generate SecureToken Shared Secret
Proceed to generate the SecureToken Shared Secret.

Step 6: Define Hash Algorithm
Specify the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) for enhanced security.

Step 7: Hash Query Parameter Prefix
Fill in the Hash Query Parameter Prefix box, or use the default prefix "wowzatoken."

Step 8: Configure Client Restrictions
Choose client restrictions:

  • Client Restrictions (Checked by default)
  • Options:
    1. Only allow playback from the following IP addresses
    2. Do NOT allow playback from the following IP addresses

Step 9: Apply IP Address Restrictions
Select the appropriate option based on your needs:

  • To allow connections from specific IP addresses, choose "Only allow playback from the following IP addresses" and input the allowed addresses as a comma-separated list.
  • To prevent connections from specific IP addresses, choose "Do NOT allow playback from the following IP addresses" and input the restricted addresses.

Step 10: Save Changes
Click "Update" to save the configured settings.

Step 11: Embed Video Player
Navigate to the "Web Player Tab," select your preferred video player, copy the embed code, and paste it onto your web page wherever you'd like the video player to appear.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Protect your Streaming

With SecureToken configured, elevate the security of your playback experience, protecting your content against potential threats and ensuring the integrity of your streaming environment.

Wowza Playback Security
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SecureToken, a key component of Wowza Streaming Engine™, empowers you with advanced playback protection for your streaming content. This dynamic security feature operates on a challenge/response system, ensuring a robust defense against potential spoofing threats.

Quick Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of integrating MojoCP with Wowza Streaming Engine™, specifically leveraging the SecureToken version 2 module. This module ensures playback protection through a dynamic security token exchanged between the server and clients. 

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