Supervisio Stream Detection for Shoutcast and Icecast

Ensure uninterrupted streaming with Supervisio Stream Detection, your reliable monitoring solution for Shoutcast and Icecast servers. Our service provides 24/7 monitoring of your streaming servers' status, ensuring you stay informed about any disruptions or issues in real-time. Receive instant notifications via email or text message, so you can address problems promptly and maintain a seamless streaming experience for your listeners.

Supervisio Monitor
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Stream Uptime
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Introducing the Supervisio Monitor: 24/7 Monitoring via Email and iMessage

Silence Detection System:
Ensure your radio station stays online with our advanced Silence Detection System. Receive alerts within 60 seconds of silence detection. Configurable volume thresholds and durations allow for precise customization, minimizing false alarms.

Stream Uptime Monitoring:
Track the uptime of your radio stream over 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. Uptime is monitored every 60 seconds to ensure continuous performance and reliability.

Alert Policies:
Customize your alert settings to receive notifications only when action is necessary, keeping you informed and in control.

How to Access Supervisio Monitor:
From the Centova menu dashboard, click on Supervisio.

Enter your credentials:
Username: Your Centova Username
Password: Your Centova Administrator Password

Stay ahead of potential issues and maintain seamless streaming with Supervisio Monitor.

- Streaming Pulse Inc.
Supervisio Server Type
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Setting Up Supervisio Stream Detection:

From the Supervisio Dashboard:
Click on +ADD New Monitor.

Under New Monitor, fill in the details for your ShoutCast or Icecast Stream:
Station Name: eg; Your Station Name
URI: http://server-ip:port-number/mountpoint
Choose Type: ShoutCast / Icecast
Choose Interval: 60 Seconds ±
Choose Timeout: 10 Seconds ±

+ Add Notification:
Upon a failed stream check, the following notifications will be triggered.

Notification Type:
Via E-mail: e.g., your email address to receive the notification

Type: API
URL: api.URL target
Method: GET/POST
Enter the Authorization Key: 758ffr54895ngf84949orSw2

Info: If you are using HTTP Authorization, the authorization string will be automatically base64 encoded.

Info: The headers field only accepts JSON!


- Streaming Pulse Inc.
24/7 Monitoring via Email and iMessage
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Supervisio: Your Essential Guide

Discover how Supervisio ensures seamless streaming with 24/7 monitoring, instant alerts, and advanced silence detection for your ShoutCast and Icecast servers. Stay informed and in control with our easy-to-use dashboard and customizable alert policies. Supervisio is your ultimate tool for maintaining uninterrupted broadcast performance.

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