Wowza Stream Features

Enhanced Wowza Features with MojoCP

Transform your streaming capabilities with MojoCP advanced features, providing a dynamic and customizable platform for delivering high-quality content to a global audience. Please note that certain features, including Transcoder, nDVR, and Stream Recording, may entail additional costs.

Wowza Features with MojoCP
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Add-on Features Available :

Please be informed that the following features are available as add-ons for your clients. You have the flexibility to manually enable these features for each client, tailoring their streaming experience based on individual needs. Alternatively, you can seamlessly integrate these features into the stream plans that you have meticulously crafted, ensuring automatic setup upon the creation of a new application.

nDVR (Network DVR):
Allow clients to individually enable nDVR, granting their viewers the ability to pause, rewind, and record live video streams for a personalized experience. Lean More

Customize streaming quality by manually enabling the transcoder for specific clients or seamlessly include it in your stream plans for automatic setup, ensuring adaptive streaming to diverse audiences. Learn More

Provide clients with the option to record live video streams on-demand, either through manual activation or as an automatic inclusion in their stream plans. Learn More

Enhance user engagement by offering video playback capabilities as an optional add-on or as an integral part of your stream plans, effortlessly catering to VOD and live content. Learn More

Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming):
Extend the compatibility of live and VOD content across various devices, giving clients the choice to include Apple HLS as part of their customized streaming plans. Learn More

Stream Targets: Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Shoutcast, Icecast, Twitch:
Empower clients to expand their reach by manually configuring stream targets for specific platforms or simplifying the process through automatic setup as part of their stream plans. Learn More

Custom RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol):
Offer clients the freedom to connect to other platforms or services through Custom RTMP, either by individual activation or as an automated feature within their stream plans. Learn More

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Wowza Stream Features
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MojoCP Features

Elevate your clients' streaming experience by providing them with the flexibility to choose and customize these advanced features based on their unique requirements. Whether it's a manual setup or an automated inclusion in their stream plans, Wowza ensures a seamless and tailored streaming solution.

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