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Centova Cast Uploading Media via FTP

Centova Cast supports FTP for media uploads, a protocol specifically designed for efficiently transferring large files. For advanced users dealing with significant amounts of media, utilizing FTP is highly recommended for an optimal upload experience.

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Uploading Media via FTP:

While Centova Cast’s web-based file uploader provides a convenient method for adding files to your media library, web browsers weren't initially designed for file uploads, often making the process cumbersome.

Centova Cast also supports FTP uploads, a more efficient protocol ideal for transferring large files. Advanced users with extensive media may prefer this method.

  • Selecting an FTP Client
    To use FTP, you'll need an "FTP client" installed on your computer.
    Many options exist online,such as FileZillaWinSCP  or CoreFTP .
  • Configuring your FTP Connection:
    After installing an FTP client, configure it to connect to your server using the provided FTP hostname, username, and password from the Quick Links section in Centova Cast.
  • Uploading Media:
    Once connected, your FTP client will display server folders. Upload media directly to the media folder or create sub-folders for organization. Drag and drop files from your computer into the designated folder.
    Uploaded tracks should appear in your media library within approximately a minute.

[Client Reference Manual]

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Configure FTP

Once you've made your selection and installed an FTP client on your device, the subsequent stage involves configuring its settings. This configuration process is pivotal as it allows the FTP client to establish a secure and stable connection with your designated hosting server. By inputting the correct server details and credentials within the FTP client's interface, you ensure a seamless connection that enables efficient file transfers between your local device and the server hosting your content.

Centova Cast configure FTP
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FTP Client Connections

To access your FTP connection details in Centova Cast, navigate to Quick Links located within the General section in the following format:

  • FTP Hostname: us14.streamingpulse.com
  • FTP PORT: 21
  • FTP Username: demo
  • FTP Password: (The 'Administrator password')

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