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Rocket Broadcaster: Simplify Your Streaming with Windows Audio Encoding

Unlock a seamless streaming experience tailored to your preferences with Rocket Broadcaster. Our guide equips you with all essentials for a swift setup, ensuring an effortless streaming journey.

Rocket Broadcaster
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Rocket Broadcaster Stream Connection
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Rocket Broadcaster:

Introducing Rocket Streaming Audio Server (RSAS), a cutting-edge web server dedicated to live audio broadcasting over the internet. RSAS brings broadcasters a range of advantages:

Stability - Engineered for long-term operation without the need for regular maintenance.

Reduced Latency - Experience minimal delay, ensuring your audience hears your radio station live. Say goodbye to lengthy 30-second delays. With Rocket Audio Streaming Server, achieve stable audio over HTTP with latencies as low as 4 seconds.

Advanced Features - Empowered by our high-performance streaming engine, RSAS pioneers innovative functionalities such as Ogg FLAC streaming (complete with metadata) to deliver flawless, lossless audio quality.

Stream Connection Details:

This information typically pertains to your streaming server. Retrieve your radio station's details from the email you received or access them through the Centova Cast Dashboard under "Settings" and "Quick Link."

Enter the details as instructed below:

Available Server Types: ShoutCAST - Icecast

**For Shoutcast:**

- Bitrate: Typically 128kbps
- Sample Rate: 44100
- Encoder Type: AAC+ MP3
- Server Type: Shoutcast
- Host:
- Port: 8000
- Encoder Username: (Leave blank)
- Encoder Password: 86tu8x9fghtyj
- Mountpoint: (Leave blank)
- Auto-reconnect: Automatically start broadcasting on program launch

**For Icecast V2:**

- Bitrate: Typically 128kbps
- Sample Rate: 44100
- Encoder Type: AAC+ MP3
- Server Type: Icecast
- Host:
- Port: 8000
- Encoder Username: source
- Encoder Password: 86tu8x9fghtyj
- Mountpoint: /live
- Auto-reconnect: Automatically start broadcasting on program launch.

In this window, you'll find two useful buttons:

1. **Edit Metadata:**
- This shows a window with extra metadata fields that can be set on a per-stream basis.
- Fields include:
- Genre: The genre of your radio stream.
- Description: A short description of your stream.
- Website URL: The homepage of your radio station.
- Private Stream: Check this box to prevent your stream from being published to public stream directory websites.

2. **Audio Codec - Customize:**
- This allows you to choose specific encoder settings instead of using presets.
- Available settings include:
- Codec: The compression scheme used to encode your streaming audio.
- Bitrate: The amount of bandwidth that the audio will use (kilobits per second, or kbps). Higher means better quality audio but requires more bandwidth.
- Channels: The number of audio channels the streaming audio will use (Stereo or mono).
- Samplerate: The number of audio samples per second to be encoded. This is independent of your audio input settings. If your stream has a different samplerate than your input audio, your stream audio will be automatically resampled to this value before encoding.

[Download Rocket Broadcaster]
Rocket Broadcaster  is available for Windows,  Linux.

[User Manual]

- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Rocket Broadcaster streams audio to Icecast, SHOUTcast

Efficiently Transmit Superior Quality Audio Online Rocket Streaming Audio Server is adept at live audio broadcasting over HTTP(S) and stands as a contemporary alternative to Icecast and SHOUTcast.

Rocket Broadcaster
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Preferences Window

 In Rocket Broadcaster, which is mainly for configuring your soundcard and audio inputs.

  • Audio Playback /Audio Input
  • System Audio Capture
  • Start up Automatically
  • User Interface

Reference Documentation

Rocket Broadcaster serves as a potent streaming audio encoder, capturing audio from a microphone or line-in device, compressing it, and seamlessly streaming it to the internet through a dedicated streaming server. This page is your gateway to understanding the fundamental steps to configure Rocket Broadcaster, enabling you to kickstart your streaming endeavors.

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