Reseller Email Settings

Reseller-Centric Email Template Mastery

Unlock the potential of personalized communication with MojoCP's dynamic Email Templates Settings. Elevate your reselling experience by leveraging our robust email and notification feature, designed to keep you seamlessly connected with your clients.

Reseller Email New Templates
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Reseller Email Templates
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Revolutionizing Reseller Communication:

From automated alerts for client actions to customizable templates branded with your identity, MojoCP empowers resellers to elevate their client interactions.

Automated Alerts for Client Actions:
Whenever a client initiates an action, such as a password reset, our email and notification system springs into action. A pre-configured email is sent to the client, accompanied by a notification on their dashboard—visible next to their user settings. This real-time engagement ensures your clients remain consistently informed and engaged, maintaining an up-to-date perspective on their account activity.

Customized Communication for Your Brand:
In addition to pre-configured emails, MojoCP empowers you to craft custom email templates. Schedule these templates to be sent at designated times, allowing you to deliver targeted messages tailored to your clients' specific needs. Our fully customizable email templates let you brand them with your own company name and logo, delivering a uniform and professional experience that strengthens client engagement with your brand.

Versatile Standard Templates:
Explore a range of standard email and notification templates in MojoCP, including alerts for bitrate limit exceedance, data transfer reaching or surpassing limits, disk quota limits nearing or exceeded, password resets, and password reset instructions. This comprehensive set ensures you have the tools to address various account activities effectively.

Empower Your Reselling Journey:
MojoCP's email message and notification feature is a formidable tool, fostering connectivity with your clients. Keep them engaged and well-informed about their account activities, offering a level of personalized service that sets your reselling venture apart.

Crafting Bespoke Alerts: Forge New Notification Templates:

Empower your reselling journey by creating and scheduling custom notifications or emails for your clients under the Email Template tab on MojoCP. Here's your simple guide to personalized communication:

a: Login to MojoCP Dashboard, access your MojoCP dashboard and click on “Settings” in the navigation menu.
b: Navigate to Email Templates, Select “Email Templates” from the settings page.
c: Create a New Template Click on “Add New” to initiate a new email template.
d: Enter Template Details In the dialog box, input essential details such as the new template name, your company email, subject message, and choose the notification color to align with your brand identity.
e: Schedule Date and Time Choose the date and time for sending notifications using the “Schedule Date and Time” option.
f: Save Changes Once all details are filled in, click on “Save Changes” to finalize your new email template.

Your custom email template is now ready and scheduled for dispatch at the specified date and time. Crafting and scheduling personalized messages in MojoCP is a seamless process, enabling you to stay connected with your clients and keep them well-informed about crucial events and actions on their account. Elevate your client communication effortlessly with MojoCP.

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MojoCP Customize Email
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Notification Template Creation

Create new notification templates effortlessly under the Email Template tab, allowing you to tailor messages to your clients' unique needs. This feature empowers you to stay connected with your clients and keep them informed about crucial events and actions on their account.

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