Wowza Video GeoIP Country Locking

GeoIP Country Locking

GeoIP Country Locking, available within MojoCP advanced Source Security settings, empowers you with the ability to precisely control viewer access to your Live Streaming. With this feature, you can configure and customize which countries are granted permission to view your content, providing a tailored and secure streaming experience for your audience.

Navigate through the intuitive setup in just a few clicks, ensuring that your Live Streaming is accessible only to the desired global audience. Experience enhanced control and security with GeoIP Country Locking, making MojoCP a versatile platform for your streaming needs.

GeoIP Country Locking

Empower your control over audience access with Geo Locking, enabling you to finely tune which countries are granted permission to view your Live Streaming.

Step 1
Access "Services" from your dashboard and select your designated server.
Step 2
Navigate to the "Plugins Tab" and then "Source Security." In the "Plugins Tab," scroll down to locate the "GeoIP Country Locking" option.
Step 3
Select the desired options to configure GeoIP Country Locking:

Universal Access - No Restrictions:
No limitations open access to viewers from all locations.

Selective Access - Limited to Specified Countries:
Permit access exclusively to viewers from countries on the specified list.

Prohibited Access - Restrict Viewers from Designated Countries:
Forbid access to viewers from countries specified on the restriction list.

Step 4
After completing the configurations for GeoIP Country Locking, click "Update" to save the changes.

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Advanced Source Security

GeoIP Country Locking, a robust feature integrated into the advanced Source Security settings, elevates the security measures for your streaming platform while providing a tailored and enriched viewer experience. This sophisticated tool empowers you with the flexibility to precisely control and manage viewer access to your Live Streaming content based on their geographic location.
Wowza Video GeoIP Country
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Client services

Enhance security and tailor your streaming experience with GeoIP Country Locking.

  • Universal Access - No Restrictions.
  • Selective Access - Limited to Specified Countries.
  • Exclusion Zone - Deny Access from Restricted Countries.

Step-by-Step Video

Unlock the potential of GeoIP Country Locking with our comprehensive video tutorial. Learn step-by-step instructions on how to configure this powerful feature within the advanced Source Security settings. Elevate the security of your streaming platform and tailor the viewer experience by precisely controlling access based on geographic locations. Explore the tutorial to discover the ins and outs of GeoIP Country Locking, ensuring a secure and customized streaming environment for your audience.

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