Centova Cast Dashboard

Centova Cast Stream Overview

The dashboard is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your streaming activities. It furnishes pertinent details such as current listenership, track history, and server status. Furthermore, it offers in-depth analytics, allowing users to delve into audience demographics, playback statistics, and trends over time.

Centova Cast Statistics Report
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Centova Cast Overview
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Stream Overview:

The dashboard offers an overview of your stream, covering details like the current track, tune-in controls for various media players, current listener count, data transfer usage, disk space status, and server availability.
- The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview:

  • "Now Playing":
    showcases the current broadcast title, stream details, and track information
    including album cover if available.
  • "Tune-in Controls":
    feature a music note icon for various media player tune-in links and in-browser playback options like play, stop, and volume icons.
  • "Current listeners":
    display the current and maximum listener count.
  • "Data transfer":
    shows your monthly stream data usage and limits.
  • "Disk usage":
    indicates your file storage and limits, including uploaded media.
  • "Server status"
    quickly denotes server availability with an icon beside disk usage.
  • "Audio Source Status":
    Indicates whether your server's audio source is the AutoDJ or a live source.
  • "Projected Data Transfer":
    Estimates your stream's remaining monthly data usage based on current patterns.
  • "Maximum Bit Rate":
    Displays the total maximum broadcasting bit rate for your server, summing across multiple mount points if applicable.
  • "Recent Tracks":
    Lists the ten most recent tracks played on your stream along with their play times.

Navigation Menu:

The Navigation Menu offers a comprehensive range of options, including

  • "General":
    This section covers the Dashboard for an overview and Quick Links providing vital management resources and login details.
  • "Configuration":
    Allows access to server settings and offers widgets for website integration. It also includes DJ management for creating individual accounts.
  • "Statistics":
    Provides insights through the report section, listener data, and server logs for in-depth analysis.
  • "Server":
    Here, you can initiate server operations such as start, stop, restart, and access the administrative interface of your streaming server.
  • "AutoDJ":
    For managing playlists, media library, and files associated with your AutoDJ. Additionally, settings, play, skip song options, and a logout feature are available under the "Session" sub-section.
  • "Radio Player":
    This section allows you to set up and configure the web player for your streaming needs.
  • "Software":
    Access software tools like the MP3 Tag, FTP, and other encoders required for stream management and use.
  • "Real-Time Status":
    Monitor the uptime and response time of your streaming server in real time.

    [Client Reference Manual]
- Streaming Pulse Inc.

Friendly interface

This user-friendly interface isn't just about displaying data; it's a control hub. Users can easily manage playlists, schedule broadcasts, and fine-tune settings to optimize the streaming experience for their audience. The dashboard's intuitive design ensures smooth navigation and quick access to essential tools, empowering users to make informed decisions and maintain a seamless streaming operation.

Centova Cast Dashboard
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Client services

The Centova Cast dashboard is a comprehensive platform that offers a panoramic view of your streaming operations.

  • ShoutCast, IceCast, Autodj
  • Providing Access to DJs
  • Statistics Report, Broadcast Reports
  • Managing Media Files

Client  Guide

The Centova Cast Client Usage Guide is your comprehensive handbook, crafted to empower users with the knowledge and expertise to maximize their experience within the Centova Cast ecosystem.

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