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Application service

Optimize your streaming setup by customizing your stream plan through the Application Service feature. This allows you to choose from a range of services, including Live Streaming, Live Edge, Live HTTP Origin, TVstation Cloud, On-demand, Live Camera/Apple HLS, and ShoutCast/Icecast Restream. Tailor your streaming experience to meet your unique needs with these versatile options.

Wowza Application Service
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Streamlined Operations with MojoCP Enhanced Features:

Select your preferred application service to tailor your stream plan within your reseller account.
Choose from a variety of options, including:

  1. Live Streaming
  2. Live Edge
  3. Live HTTP Origin
  4. TVstation Cloud
  5. On-demand
  6. Live Camera
  7. Apple HLS
  8. ShoutCast/Icecast Restream

For additional information and in-depth details, explore further at: MojoCP Applications

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Video Streaming Hosting
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