Shoutcast Icecast over HTTPS

Shoutcast Icecast over HTTPS

SSL over ShoutCast and Icecast Stream.

You can use our Stream Server for secure HTTP (HTTPS) streaming using Shoutcast and Icecast.

SSL over ShoutCat and Icecast Stream

Configuring secure HTTP (HTTPS) streaming playback with AIO Player.

  • Step1 – Log into your Centova Control Panel.

Centova Control Panel


  • Step2 – Click on AIO Radio Player and login with the same credentials from your Centova.

AIO Radio Player


  • Step3 – From the AIO Player Control Panel click on the top tab channels.

AIO Radio Player


  • Step4 – Select your channel from the list to edit.

AIO Radio Player


  • Step5 – On the Streams (Audio) you will need to enter the https:// Stream link that was provided to you at the moment you purchased this Add-on.

AIO Radio Player


  • Step6 – SSL Demo Player Click to test:

SSL over ShoutCast and Icecast Stream

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