AIO Radio Player New Skins

AIO Radio Player New Skins

AIO Radio Player V2.5/SP Released.

Free with any server. AIO – Radio Station Player 2 new pre-defined skins (SP Future – SP Literally) with the option to compile your own colors.

Free with any Shoutcast Icecast stream server purchased. Fully customizable, CSS3 Transitions, MP3 AAC OGG HTML5. All-in-one Radio Station Player Supports:
Shoutcast V1 V2, Icecast, KH and direct information from the stream itself using ICY-METADATA.

– 8 pre-defined skins
– Responsive
– HTML5 Audio API with Flash as Fall-back
– Multi-channels with per channel settings
– Multi-language support based on Browser locale
– Multi-bitrate – stream quality selection
– Mobile optimized
– LastFM, EchoNest and iTunes API support for Artist Images
– Custom artist images uploaded via browser
– Artwork images are automatically optimized for specific image size and optimized for space savings (if enabled)
– Import artwork from FTP or local directory on tools page
– Written in HTML5 & CSS3 with use of scalable graphics
– Advanced Control Panel for easy management
– Track Listen history based on Track Information
– Comes with 8 themes: SP Future Light, SPFuture Dark, SPLiterally Light, SPLiterally Dark, Material Light, Material Dark, Simple Template and HTML5 Radio Player!
– Custom Color Schemes
– Save user preferences in a Cookie (optional)
– Play-list generation on the fly using PHP.
– Fully commented and clean code
– Add your Google Analytics with ease
– Optimized for High Performance
– Built-in API which allows you to easily show player status on your main web site
– Built-in update script for quick updates
– Dynamic Browser Window naming (based on playing track)


This tutorials walk you through on how to create your own AIO Radio Player Skins for SHOUTCast Icecast.

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