Live Audio & Video Transcoding-nDVR

Live Audio & Video Transcoding-nDVR

Live streaming workflow more efficient with transcoding.

Deployed on the same hardware with Wowza Streaming Engine™ this audio and video AddOn allows you to transform incoming live streams from encoders, IP cameras, IPTV headends and other live sources to H.264 for delivery everywhere.Input: we accept all major protocols and codecs. Transcoding: Audio and video transcoding technology re-encodes and converts one file format and bitrate/resolution to another (or many others)Output/Playback:all playback device formats for universal compatibility across device types and bandwidths.

Decoding Video Audio:

  • MPEG-2 / 4 Part 2, H.264/AVC
  • MPEG-4 Part 2, H.264/AVC
  • MPEG-1 Part 1/2, Speex, G.71
  • MP3, AAC (LC & HE),

Encoding Video Audio :

  • H.264/AVC/H.263
  • AAC (LC & HE)
  • AC3 (pass-through)


Transcoder AddOn provides the ability to ingest a live stream, decode the video and audio, and then re-encode the stream to suit the desired playback devices.
Transcoder is a real-time audio and video transcoding and transrating solution. It can decode audio and video in multiple formats and re-encode them to properly key-frame aligned H.264 streams for adaptive bitrate delivery.
Transcoded streams can be delivered as adaptive bitrate using Flash RTMP/HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple HLS, and Silverlight Smooth Streaming, or as single bitrate streams over any supported protocols.
Audio-only Option: The audio-only option gives you the ability to pay a significantly lower “audio-only” price. Using commodity hardware, the audio-only option transforms incoming live audio streams from encoders, IP cameras, IPTV headends, and other live sources into multiple bitrate H.264 stream sets for adaptive bitrate delivery.
The Solution

What is Flash Media Server? Flash Media Server is a streaming media server from Wowza Streaming Engine Media Systems. It is a proprietary data and media server from Wowza Streaming Engine Media Systems data to and from the connected users with live web FLV player installed.
Streaming Pulse provides you with Flash Media Server streaming hosting services at reasonable prices.
Live Streaming allows a user to broadcast a live event in real time on the Internet. This capability is one of the most unique and exciting applications of streaming technology.
We can handle any scale production from public radio/television web broadcasts to private boardroom meetings, sports events and shows.Wowza Media Server supports media protocols for Adobe®, Flash®, Apple® iOS, Microsoft™ ,Silverlight™, Apple QuickTime™ .

Workflow for Live Transcoding.

Live Audio and Video Transcoding

Make your live streaming workflow more efficient with transcoding.
Transcoding means re-encoding one video/audio file format into another (or many others) and converting one bitrate/resolution into another (or many others) for compatibility across all types of devices and bandwidths.

Create streams of various bitrates to reach devices with lower processing power and bandwidth.
Avoid large up-front investments with unlimited transcoding and pay-as-you-go pricing.
Convert between video formats to deliver appropriate streams to each user’s specific device.

Live Transcoding TRANS-SIZING

Overlay Static and Dynamic Images

The  Transcoder feature allows you to overlay static and dynamic images on top of video by using a Java-based API. It can be configured manually or pre-programmed based on external events, making it a powerful tool for adding premium TV-like experiences. Use cases include the following:

  • Advertising
  • Titling
  • Watermarking
  • Company logos or symbols
  • Sports/stock tickers

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