Video Audio Text Chat

Video Audio Text Chat

HD Conferencing
Video, Audio, Text Chat: Connects Your Entire Organization for use in social media, business, education, government, and many other industries.This application allows users to text, video and audio chat with each other.

This tutorial uses a web server to make the VideoChat webpage files accessible to both client computers. Streaming Pulse delivers incredible quality and scale at 50% of the cost of traditional business video conferencing solutions.

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  • Audio
  • Text Chat
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Multipoint VideoChat Conferencing
In order to test the Video Conferencing – Streaming Pulse:

1) Click Below: To Launch the Video Conferencing and provide the below following detail to Connect:
Video Conferencing Demo
Video Conferencing

Instructions PC1

  • Server rtmp://
  • Click Connect
  • Stream Name video1
  • Click Publish
  • Box #2 Stream Name video2
  • Click Play to receive the video video2
    Instructions PC2

  • Server rtmp://
  • Click Connect
  • Stream Name: video2
  • Click Publish
  • Box #2 Stream Name video1
  • Click Play to receive the video video1


    ImageFlexible Development Environment
    Prebuilt examples provide the foundation for building chat applications in Adobe FlashⓇ to best suit your needs.



    ImageHD Conferencing
    Full compatibility with H.264 encoding in the latest Adobe Flash Player lets you stream high-def video chat and conferencing.

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