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YouTube Live

Stream to YouTube Live

Whit our service you can send live streams to YouTube Live, where your audience can watch your live event.

The Stream Targets feature allows you to send live streams to widely distributed destinations. For example, you can send a live stream from our server to YouTube Live. This allows you to engage the YouTube community and retain media for video-on-demand delivery when the broadcast concludes.

Streaming to YouTube Live requires that you have a Google account and that you’re set up in YouTube to broadcast live streams.

How to broadcast to YouTube Live

Set up the YouTube live event:

Make sure you have a YouTube account with Live Events capability. If you don’t have a Live Events option in your YouTube Video Manager page, you can’t send a live stream to YouTube. Then, sign in to the YouTube Video Manager Live Events page and create a event to receive the live stream from Streaming Pulse and deliver it for viewing over YouTube.

1) Sign in to the YouTube Video Manager Live Events page and click New live event.

2) On the Basic info tab of the Info and Settings page, enter the relevant information about the stream (title, description, date/time, location, and so on) into the fields.

3) For Type, select Custom (more encoding options).

YouTube Video Manager Live Events

Note: For help configuring live event settings, see the YouTube Live Streaming Guide.

4) (Optional) Specify additional settings on the Advanced settings tab, such as auto-starting the YouTube event when you start the transcoder and source (Automatically start the event when you start sending data under Auto-start).

5) Click Create event.

5) On the Main Camera tab of the event’s Ingestion Settings page, select Single-use stream key or Reusable stream key. For more information about stream keys and ingestion settings,
see Choose ingestion settings.
After specifying the type of stream key, the Ingestion Settings page displays encoder options.

6) Under Select your encoder, select Other encoders. Then, make note of the Stream Name and Primary Server URL information to a text document. You’ll need this information when you create the live application in Wowza Streaming Engine that sends the stream to YouTube.

YouTube Video Manager Live Events

Note: The Stream Name is a 16-digit alpha-numeric code, not the Title you gave the stream when configuring it.

7) Click Save changes.

8) Sign in to the Mojo Control Panel Manager

9) In the contents panel, Select YouTube Live and click Add Stream Target. If you don’t have this enabled please contact our Sales Support Team. to Enable your YouTube Stream Target.

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