Stream Authentication

Stream Authentication

Protect your streams, networks, and audio/video.

Restrict playback to specific IP addresses and use SecureToken content protection. SecureToken is a challenge-and-response security system for playback on all viewing formats. It guards against spoofing threats and protects each connection with a random, single-use key and password, or “shared secret.”

Place restrictions on RTMP- and RTSP-based publishing, allowing publishing from only specific IP addresses.
This prevents unauthorized computers from streaming through your Streaming instance.

How to combat hotlinking your Adobe Flash SWF file
Hotlink Denial controls the html container only. Hotlinking is another word for embedding. Hotlinking denial protection with locked domain.



ImageUse SSL in conjunction with token-based authentication to
secure your HTTP streaming via Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.



ImageRTMPS is RTMP over SSL. It’s a method for securing Adobe Flash RTMP streaming and
can be used in conjunction with SecureToken to protect Flash streaming.



ImageRTMPE is RTMP over an encrypted connection and is another method for securing Flash RTMP streaming.
RTMPE is less secure than RTMPS. To provide the best security for RTMP streaming, we recommend the StreamLock.



ImageFor example: An end-user can look at the source code of your html page,copy the embed/object tags(or swfobject)and place that in a html page on their webpage. If you don’t want them to do it, you can enable this from our control panel.

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