Wowza Facebook Stream Target

Wowza Facebook Stream Target

Configuring Wowza Facebook Stream Target.

These tutorials walk you through on how to create Facebook Live Streaming Target using MediaCP function. You can publish to either a Facebook Page or your own Timeline.

Streaming Requirements

Before starting, please review Facebook’s Best Practices for Live Streaming.

Facebook stream targets have the following requirements for live streams:

The maximum resolution is 720p (720 x 1280), at 30 frames per second.
You must send a keyframe (I-frame) at least once every two seconds throughout the stream.
The recommended maximum video bitrate is 4 Mbps.
The audio bitrate must be 128 Kbps mono.
The audio sample rate must be 44.1 KHz.
The maximum length is 4 hours.
The recommended projection format for 360 (spherical) video is equirectangular.
Current Limitations
Once you stop streaming and the Stream Target disconnects, it will not reconnect and you will need to recreate the Facebook Stream Target.
Facebook: Live Demo
If you require assistance please click below the Live Help Button and one of our Team will assist you.

Wowza Facebook Stream Target Tutorial

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