Choose Templates for AIO Radio Player

Choose Templates for AIO Radio Player

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AIO – Radio Station Player comes with 3 pre-defined skins with option to compile your own. Free with any server. Extreme customization.

Platforms and Browsers:

– Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE9, IE10+ – OSX: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera – iOS: Mobile Safari: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch – Android 2.3+: Chrome, Firefox,
Opera and most other mobile browsers
– Blackberry, Android, iOS 11 Phone Browser, Play Book Browser.

+ Completely new template “Simple” to actually show off the new engine
+ Player now accepts templates as URL parameter (E.g.: ?t=template)
+ Ability to define your own custom artwork images size (applies to all sources)
+ Various JS events for developers (“aio.init”, “aio.channel.change”, etc…)
+ Ability to clear whole player cache via button on channels page
+ Ability to disable Facebook / Twitter share on Artwork hover (Player Share)

This tutorials walk you through on how to change your AIO Radio Player templates.

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