Wowza Player

Wowza Player

Introducing Wowza Player

Wowza Player AutoPlay supports the latest version of most modern web browsers. For instance such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. In addition it also supports Flash playback on older browsers. In other words that don’t support HTML5. Play live stream in mobile Android, iOS, etc. as well as flash. It provides a HLS stream compatible with mobile devices.

Wowza Player, for video and audio streaming live.

Wowza Player Features: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Artificial intelligence optimizes streaming bit rates based upon changing network conditions.
Rapid Startup: Pre-fetch assets for faster playback startup.
Any Device: HTML5 player delivers consistent experiences to any device and any browser.
Wowza Player:Included with any server purchased.

Chrome Browser autoplay policies:

See the Autoplay Policy Changes initial announcement and the Web Audio, Autoplay Policy and Games update for planned tweaks to the MEI algorithm in Chrome version 71 and later.


Safari users can set their preferences for autoplay for individual sites or all websites. See Stop autoplay videos in Safari on Mac.


Although Firefox allows autoplay with sound as of November 2018, Firefox has a feature available in pre-release versions that blocks autoplay with sound by default. This pre-release feature also allows users to set global or per-site autoplay preferences. See Allow or block media autoplay in Firefox for more information.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge allows autoplay with sound by default. However, Edge users can set global and per-site preferences for autoplay controls as of the October 2018 Windows 10 update with Edge version 44. Edge also now suppresses autoplay of media in background tabs automatically. See Autoplay Policies for more information.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer version 11.95 and later allows autoplay with sound by default on Windows 10, as it uses HTML5 video playback. Internet Explorer version 11 on Windows 7 falls back to Flash for playback and doesn’t allow autoplay.

Enable autoplay with Wowza Player configure your code manually.

Add the following to the Config parameter of the Player.
1) For Autoplay change from false to true “autoPlay”: true,
2) (Optional) Add an additional parameter to mute the video. “mute”: true,

Example embed code:

An embed code with autoplay enabled should look something like this:

	<title>My Wowza Player Video with Autoplay</title>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="//player.wowza.com/player/latest/wowzaplayer.min.js"></script>


	<div id="playerElement" style="width:100%; height:0; padding:0 0 56.25% 0"></div>

	<script type="text/javascript">
		"title":"My Wowza Player Autoplay Test",
		"description":"This is my Wowza Player Video description.",

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