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Windows Media Server

  Windows Media Server. Video Live Streaming Inernet Radio 50% OFF Promotions For Life PROMO CODE ( Pulse )  

Audio Stream

USA - Europe

Starting From

8 $/month

Windows Media Server

Video Stream

USA - Europe

Starting From

54 $/month

Windows Media Server

Live Events

USA - Europe

Starting From

70 $/month

Windows Media Server

What is Windows Media Server?

Windows Media Services (WMS) is a streaming media server from Microsoft.

Which allows broadcasting audio, video live, on-demand over the internet just like traditional television and radio broadcasts. Listeners can tune in through any media player. You can deliver digital media audio and video files and live streams from a Windows Media server. It can also be used to deliver on-demand audio video for archived broadcasts. Streaming Pulse recommends Windows Media Streaming Technology as it is compatible with all major media players available today. Windows Media Expression Encoder 4.x.: has a ton of new features, but the biggest for me is that it finally recognizes QuickTime files. If you are on a Mac, you’ll need to run it under VMWare or BootCamp. But it’s a free application (with a more advanced version for free).


Windows Media Live Events

Live Events Windows Media Server

Live 72hr Stream Windows Media server live events allows a user to broadcast a live event in real time on the Internet. Live Event Streaming is especially effective for a wide variety of events including Music Concerts and sporting events, TV/Radio Shows, Online Instruction, Church Services, Training and Coaching, Online Instruction, Press Conferences, Family Occasions and more. By utilizing Streaming Pulse Live Event Streaming servers, you can reach a much wider audience across a much larger geographic area to your viewers anywhere in the world using a standard internet connection.

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We have built a support team with the depth and breadth of knowledge to fully support any solution. Support with teams based in the EU and USA.

Control Panel Demo Windows Media

Try a Live - Windows Media Server

The Media Control Panel features a complete serving solution for Video, Audio, Ondemand, Streaming.
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Windows Panel Login: Control Panel

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Why Choose Us

Streaming Pulse

High quality servers located in USA-EUROPE 99.99% Solid Up-time Guarantee
Fast and Secure Network!
All servers have a dedicated 10Gbps streaming 100% SLA
We are Key on delivering dependable server solutions for our clients,at an economical price…

    Windows Media Server Hosting

    Feature include

    Control Panel
    400 Free Slots for life
    Ondemand 13GB + Disk Spaces
    Unlimited Traffic
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    Real Time Geo Stats
    Real Time Graphs Stats
    MultiPlayer listen page
    Authentication system
    Free Port 80 streamin address
    Push & Pull Stream technology
    Custom Publishing Points
    Free embedded player integration
    24/7/365 support


      Key Features

      Servers location USA – EUROPE
      Multi-homed Internet Backbone Connections
      Redundant Gigabits links to operators
      Standard 10Gb Ethernet
      TCP and UDP Ports Monitoring
      Redundant Gigabits links to operators
      Full-meshed OSPF/BGP4 Network
      10 Gbps Streaming Servers
      IPV 6 compatible network
      TCP and UDP Ports Monitoring
      DC Carrier Internap
      DC Carrier Level 3
      DC Carrier TeliaSonera
      DC Carrier Telstra
      DC Carrier Comcast
      DC Carrier Qwest
      DC Carrier Telecity Group
      DC Carrier At&T