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Dive into a realm of organized content with our Video Categories feature on the Video on Demand platform. This robust tool empowers you to effortlessly create and arrange your video and commercial content, allowing for seamless organization based on topics, themes, or any criteria of your choice.

The inclusion of the 'Move To' feature adds a layer of efficiency, enabling quick and easy relocation of selected videos to different categories. This ensures that your content remains organized and current, facilitating an easy search experience for your viewers.

MojoCP Wowza VOD Video Category
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Video VOD Categories
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Move videos to a different category

You have two seamless options for relocating your video files. Firstly, navigate to the Video tab and select the categories folder to showcase your videos. From here, effortlessly drag and drop them into a different categories folder of your choice.

Alternatively, visit the Categories Tab, where the Filter option allows you to selectively choose the categories. This feature provides the flexibility to move multiple files simultaneously, either by individually checking the videos or utilizing the convenient 'select all' option. Once your selections are made, click "Save Changes" to apply the changes effortlessly.

Videos Tab Option 1:
Effortlessly manage your video organization with these streamlined steps:

Step 1
Access your dashboard, navigate to "Services," and select your designated server.
Step 2
On your overview page, click on the "On-demand Tab" and proceed to the "Videos Tab."
Step 3
Locate the specific video file you intend to move by navigating through the relevant category folder.
Step 4
Execute a simple drag-and-drop action to seamlessly relocate the video to your desired categories.
Step 5
Confirm your decision to move the video to its new categories, ensuring a smooth and organized video library.

Categories Tab Option 2:
Simplify your video management with these refined steps:
Step 1
Access "Services" from your dashboard and select your designated server.
Step 2
Navigate to the "On-Demand Tab" and the "Categories Tab" on your overview page.
Step 3
Utilize the Drop-Down menu Filter to effortlessly choose the desired category folder.
Step 4
Identify the videos you intend to move from the list.
Step 5
From the drop-down menu, select the target "Categories Folder," and click "Save" to seamlessly apply the changes. Streamline your video organization with these intuitive steps.

Create Categories:

Effortlessly establish a new category in your On-Demand video library with these user-friendly steps:
Step 1
Navigate to the On-Demand tab from your overview page.
Step 2
Select the Categories tab to proceed.
Step 3
Initiate the creation of a new category by clicking on the “Create Folder” tab.
Step 4
In the ensuing dialog box, specify the name for your freshly created category.
Step 5
Finalize the process by clicking the “Create” button.

Now, with your newly created category, easily upload your video files using any FTP program. Place them seamlessly within the designated category, enhancing the organization and accessibility of your On-Demand video library. Simplify the process of creating and managing multiple categories with these straightforward steps.

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Organize your videos content

This feature isn't just about organization; it's a dynamic tool for managing and updating your video library. Whether you're a content creator or a business seeking streamlined video management processes, our Video on Demand platform, with its intuitive categories and 'Move To' feature, stands as the perfect solution for elevating your content delivery and engaging your audience in a personalized manner.

Wowza Video VOD
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VOD Overview 

Powerful video on demand tool designed to provide you with complete visibility into the health and performance of your server infrastructure.

  • Categories and subcategories for organization.
  • Execute a simple drag-and-drop action.
  • Effortlessly establish a new category.

Navigate Additional Insights

Delve into the efficiency of managing your video content with our tutorial on moving videos and creating categories. This concise yet comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions, empowering you to seamlessly organize and relocate your video files within your On-Demand library. Learn how to effortlessly create new categories, streamline your content, and enhance accessibility for your audience. Elevate your video management skills by checking out our tutorial and discover the simplicity of optimizing your On-Demand library.

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