Data Analysis

Statistics report.

Unlock the power of data analysis with Streaming Pulse through MojoCP enhanced Reports feature. Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports in CSV format, a universally accepted and easily readable format for streamlined data management.

MojoCP Reports offer a user-friendly and organized toolset for downloading essential data. Customize reports based on specific date ranges, providing the flexibility to choose from predefined options. Tailor the data selection to your needs, swiftly downloading reports for each day and month.

This sophisticated reporting tool ensures timely access to crucial data, facilitating efficient analysis and empowering you to make informed decisions with ease. Streamline your data management process and enhance your analytical capabilities with MojoCP Reports through Streaming Pulse.

Statistics report
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Precision Data Analysis
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Precision Data Analysis and Streamlined Insights:

MojoCP Reports present an intuitive and meticulously organized toolkit, ensuring the seamless extraction of vital data. Tailor your reports with precision by customizing date ranges, granting you the flexibility to choose from a curated selection of predefined options. Effortlessly align your data selection with specific requirements, enabling swift downloads of detailed reports for each day and month.

For streamlined access to statistics, navigate to the Statistics Tab within MojoCP. Under this tab, select your desired Data and Date Range and initiate the download process for comprehensive statistics.

Explore a wealth of insightful data through MojoCP's reporting capabilities:

Connections Date & Months:
Efficiently track and analyze connection data over specified date ranges and months.

Connections Per Protocol:
Delve into detailed protocol statistics, covering smooth, WebRTC, WebM, DASH, HLS, HDS, RTSP, and RTMP connections.

Monitor both inbound and outbound network statistics for a comprehensive overview.

GeoIP Data:
Gain geographical insights with detailed data on countries and IP addresses.

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Statistics reports

Delve into the world of insightful statistics with MojoCP powerful analytical tools. Our comprehensive statistical reports provide a detailed and organized overview of crucial data points, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Data Analysis
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Key Features.

Dive into a comprehensive and organized statistical experience that enhances your ability to make informed decisions with confidence.

  • CSV Format Precision.
  • Customizable Date Ranges.
  • Efficient Data Access. 

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