Saturday, June 24, 2017

New stable release: AIO v2.0/SP

AIO Radio Player V2.0/SP Adverts Manager

 AIO - Radio Station Player v2.0/SP - Adverts Manager
With AIO Radio Player it  is now possible to play your commercials before the stream playback starts.

NEW + Adverts/commercials before player playback starts.

- Fixed: Debugging tool now properly handles direct method streams
- Fixed: Various small things like progress of debugging, updates, artwork manager, etc...

To start configure your player, login Into your Centova Control Panel and from your left Dashboard under Radio Players:

A) Click On AIO
B) Login to the Player Control Panel
C) Username ==>> ( Your Centova Username )
E) Password ==>> ( Your Centova Administrator Password)

If you require assistance please raise a ticket to our Support Team.

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