Add Video Content 3

Transfer your video content through FTP & File Manager

Cloud TV Station 11

Create personalized playlists featuring live or pre-recorded audio/video content, broadcasting seamlessly to viewers in real-time, 24/7.

Live Video Streaming 1

live streaming through an RTMP-based encoder within Mojocp.

Player Embedding Tool 3

Create fully customized and branded Video Player.

Plugins & Source Security 8

Transcoder, nDVR, Stream Records, Playback, Source Security, Player builder.

Stream Target 8

This feature allows you to seamlessly broadcast your content across multiple social media channels, enhancing visibility and interaction with your viewers.

Video Broadcasting 2

Video broadcasting involves the transmission of video content to a wide audience through various platforms and channels.

Video Streaming Platform 3

Video streaming platform offer a digital space for creators, businesses, and individuals to share live or pre-recorded video content with audiences worldwide.

Video Vast Tag 1

Integration of Pre-Roll Video VAST Ads into your broadcasts.