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My ShoutCast Stream is Skipping. Why?  Tipărire

The stream skipping and cuts off when I'm broadcasting

If you're experiencing audio skipping or the stream cuts off in the middle of a song, make sure you reviewed the four points below.
If none of the advise is helping, do not hesitate to contact our Support at: Contact Us

1. Check your emails including your spam in case we sent a maintenance notification.
2. Check if your internet connection is fast enough to accommodate the bitrate of the radio station ( You also might want to try a lower bitrate ).
3. Verify your internet service provider network status.
4. If you have a high-speed internet connection but are using wi-fi, please try an Ethernet cable connection.
5. Your computer is maxing out its resources and the encoder can not keep up with the music. Quit all unnecessary programs.
The only other solution is to increase the amount of RAM or the CPU power of your computer.
6. There is another WinAmp plug-in conflicting with the DSP. This can often happen with the NullSoft Crossfader plug-in. Try disabling all plug-ins except for the DSP.

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